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Friday, August 18, 2006


Day One (Thursday) of my Jihad Against DISH Can be Found H E R E.

Hmmm...for a
COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY, Dish Network sure seems to have their share of telephone problems, don't they?

Well, Dish called me again today, this time from 702-818-1669. The call immediately began with a pre-recorded message which violates Minnesota State Law. According to the Minnesota Attorney General's Office, a LIVE PERSON must first speak to you and get your consent to play a recorded message. To date, DISH is violating this every time they call me.

Now, guess what happens when you dial 702-818-1669? You'll get a "busy" signal. Every time. Every.Single.Time.

Their 800 # of 866-856-5512 is
still experiencing "technical difficulties" today. All day. All hours. Go ahead, call it. It's toll free. Dial it right now. Dial it in two hours. Dial it at midnight. Dial it at 3AM should you wake up to get yourself a snack. Because every time you dial it you'll hear (Click on the > ):

    "Thank you for calling. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try your call later."

You don't want to "Thank me" for calling you. You are not "experiencing technical difficulties". You're just a bunch of liars, fakers, lawbreakers, phonies and frauds.

So we're into Day Two - that I know of, anyway - that a
COMMUNICATIONS Company is experiencing "technical difficulties" with their telephone COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM? Who would want to do business with a COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY that can't resolve IT'S OWN COMMUNICATIONS PROBLEMS?

Look, we all know your 800# greeting is nothing but a scam and a lie. It's a cover so you can avoid taking calls from people who are tired of your low-life telemarketing scheme and who wouldn't do business with you under any circumstances.

Dish is notch below the moral equivalency of child molesters and necrophiliacs. Dish is a notch below those people we hear about every so often who are found guilty of sexually abusing defenseless senior citizens in retirement homes. Dish is a notch below the sick individuals who sexually abuse comatose patients.

Now why would anyone want to do business or buy the products or services of a company - and let me repeat, a
COMMUNICATIONS Company - that can't resolve it's own telephone "technical difficulties"? You're such LIARS!

By all means Dish, keep calling me. Keep hanging up on me. Every telephone number, phony or otherwise, and the times that you call me is being tracked and records kept. All the more info for the AG's Office, all the more ammo for me to use in my FTC complaint, all the more significant the fine and penalty that you will pay.

I'm checking my mail box anxiously awaiting the complaint form from the Minnesota State Attorney General's Office.


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