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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Dear Dish Network,

I am tired of your repeated telemarketing telephone calls to my residence. I am also very tired of the pre-recorded Shtick of your automated telephone calls, with a pre-recorded voice saying, "Hi, I'm Jerry, I'll get right to the point about our great offer for new Dish Customers...."

What happened to "Peter" who used to call me. Did you fire the "fake Peter" and hire the "fake Jerry"?

You see, Dish Network, it is illegal for telemarketers to call anyone in Minnesota with pre-recorded messages without FIRST having a LIVE PERSON on the line requesting permission from the person you are harassing to play your pre-recorded message.

So, Dish Network, I spent my lunch hour today on the telephone, talking to my telephone company and talking with the Minnesota Attorney General's Office. I reported your constant harassment, your "silent calls" and - when I "press 1" and a rep comes on the phone and I request that my number be added to your Do Not Call List - your rep hangs up on me!

The MN AG Office was very interested in your telemarketing tactics. They were especially interested in your hanging up on me when I request that you cease and desist from calling my telephone number.

You see, Dish...we have an Attorney General here in MN who really dislikes businesses who don't obey our state laws. Our Attorney General loves to levy fines and penalties on companies who break the law. And you, Dish Network, are a LAWBREAKER!

As a matter of fact, Dish, your incoming telephone number that shows up on my caller ID is BOGUS, according to the information provided to me by the telephone company.

Why, you're not even taking incoming calls at 866-856-5512. What happens when you dial this number? Go ahead, give a listen.

This is what you get when calling DISH Network at 866-856-5512:

You're not experiencing technical difficulties and you know it. You're simply avoiding incoming calls from people who don't want your product and are sick and tired of your telemarketing tactics. LAW BREAKERS! FRAUDS! FAKERS! SCUM OF THE EARTH!

I have filed a complaint on-line with the FTC on the telemarketing tactics of Dish Network. I will be doing the same with the MN AG's office.

DISH Satellite...using ILLEGAL TELEMARKETING TACTICS in Minnesota and their reps hanging up on you when you attempt to request to be removed from their call list.



Can't we all just get along?
Tell them to call me.

I like a good deal and free stuff.

As long as the call isn't from India, I don't mind telemarketers.

All this no-call nonsense put a lot of Americans out of work and outsourced telemarketing overseas (where they don't have to abide by the no-call lists).
No the calls aren't from India.

How many times does a company, any company, need to be told "I am SO FUCKING VERY MUCH NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE" and/or "PUT ME ON YOUR DO NOT CALL LIST" before they get the hint.

If their telemarketing tactics were real, live, in person scenarios they'd be guilty of stalking.

God I hate Dish Network.
I had the same problems with Dish Network. Didn't get anywhere with complaining until I googled the name on the caller id, a website came up www.whocalled.us , I found it to be a great sounding board and once I started to report the numbers of all telemarketing calls through them they started stopping, I haven't had one in months, since last year!!!!!!
hey rmr - glad you finally dissed the Dish. They were the MOST annoying telemarketer I've ever encountered!

Thanks for sharing thee whocalledus site with the rest of us. Maybe that can help others too!
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