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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Christy Harvey: Adam's Apple Or Not? Vote Your Say!

Is that an Adam's Apple I see on the neck of Christy Harvey? Photo unretouched or tampered with. Image found via Google Image Search.

Maybe all you Liberal Ann Coulter haters can leave a comment below, letting me know if this is the same type of Adam's Apple that you claim to see on Ann Coulter.

More on Christy Harvey and who she is

I vote YES, Christy has an AA.
What say you?


Definitely donning throat fruit!
Somethings protruding from that throat, that's for sure !!

And it's a lot bigger than whatever bump the Left accuses Coulter of having !!
Yep! AA clear and present.
I'm in the pro-AA camp. She (it?) definitely has a manly bulge in her throat. She probably hangs a foulard on it.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
What does that prove? Nothing. I know I have a protruding bone in my throat and I also know I'm a 100% woman...and a very feminine one, at that. And I know many women who have visible bones and muscles in their troat, that doesn't mean it's an Adam's Apple at all, so you really can't base someone's sexuality on that. How shallow and stupid!
Hiding behind the "Anonymous" identity, huh? Wow - you are really a brave soul! Are you Hashskirt, perhaps?

I have a question for you:

Is my making fun of Harvey's Adam's apple more than, less than, or equal to the LiberTards mocking Ann Coulter as "Man" Coulter and saying that she has an Adam's Apple? PLEASE DO let me know.

And if you're a woman (and Hashskirt is) and you have an Adam's Apple, you better check what's between your legs again. I'm certain you will find a penis there. Who knows, you might surprise yourself after all these years?

Were you a "100% woman" before or after the surgeons removed your penis and testes ?

Oh - and you need to familarize yourself with the difference between the "sexuality" which refers to attraction, like hetero or homo. This is quite indeed different from GENDER, which is what you meant:

"you really can't base someone's sexuality on that."

You're not too bright are you? Prob why you hide behind "Anonymous" ID.

What's it like to be a loser?
You are an idiot David Drake.

Or maybe you are just 12 years old. In that case you are marginally clever - but your mother should be monitoring you.

If you are older than 12, it's people like you who are making this country ugly and cheapening our political discourse.

Grow up. Start using your brain.
Anony! You are TOO damned funny! You must be the little liberal douchebag Hashskirt posting as Anony because I don't publish his illiterate and retarded comemnts. Or are you MISTER Christine Harvey? Al Franken, perhaps...or his retarded chidlren? BWA ha ha ha ha.

Did your dog type your comments out for you while your fingernail polish was drying? Are you the same Anony commenter as above who said she is "100% woman"? Sorry to burst your bubble, but women don't have a penis and testes. I bet you are a woman who can write her name in the snow!

THANKS for the entertainment (laughing my ass off), really, thak you!
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