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Monday, August 28, 2006

I Miss Al O'FrankenFailure...

Christy Harvey, whose voice strips rust right off metal, substitute hosted today on The O'FrankenFailure. Al is in rehab on vacation.

She said today that she thought the Emmy Awards plane crash opening skit "was funny". Harvey stated the age-old comedy maxim about "Tragedy plus time equals comedy," and I couldn't agree with her more!

As a matter of fact, I can't wait for the HBO-Spike Lee Hurricane Katrina sitcom. I'm waiting for the Zapruder film to be re-released with a laugh track. When does the feature film comedy about Paul Wellstone's plane crash hit the theaters? And when is the Saturday morning cartoon about Jews being killed by Nazi's going to run, huh?

Because tragedy plus time
ALWAYS equals comedy, doesn't it? The Left tells us that, so it must be true.

And Tom Oliphant co-hosted with Harvey (at least on today's show). Oliphant has all the radio charisma of last week's old, damp fart trapped between the material layers of a sleeping bag.

Oliphant said the Emmy Awards were on "Rupert Murdoch's network." Really, Rupert now owns NBC? I'll bet Rupert will be surprised to hear that!

Christy Harvey ****** Tom Oliphant

And by the way...you know how Liberals make fun of Ann Coulter, saying she has an Adam's Apple and is really a man? TAKE A GOOD LOOK at that picture of Christy Harvey. Then look at Oliphant. I think they're one in the same. I think Oliphant has one of those DRESSED TO KILL 'Michael Caine/Nurse in Drag' thangs going on. (Christy...were you born of the male gender? Can we please see your birth certificate?)

Harvey and Oliphant...why, they (he?) actually make me miss Al!

"Really, Dave, do you miss me?"

No Al, I don't...I was lying. I figured a Liberal like you would understand that.


actually, i'm not a fan of harvey's for the opposite reason. i live in dc and have met her on many occassions and she's always dressed like she's on her way to junior league. she looks totally normal and feminine, then has all of these left wingnut ideas that wreck the whole thing.

i listened to the podcast and coulnd't find her saying comedy + tragedy anywhere - can you point me in the right direction?
Brian! What happened to your blog? I clicked on the hypertext BrianV and you don't have a blog? you didn't go to all that trouble just to leave a comment on this post, did you?

I didn't listen to the podcast of the show. She said it on the over-the-air broadcast of Monday's O'FrankenFailure. I * believe * it was the first of the three hours the program airs.

Could it be possible some of the over-the-air broadcast could be edited out for the podcast?

I'm sure she's a nice person. I'm just razzing her to a much less degree that the Left holds contempt for Coulter.

Thanks for commenting.
Oliphant has all the radio charisma of last week's old, damp fart trapped between the material layers of a sleeping bag

Phrases like that keep me coming back Dave! I bow to the Master Wordsmith! And I love the Dick Weed Democrat. More! More! (I'll give you small furry animals..) :-)
Thanks Dane! I don't know that I'm any Master Wordsmith but sometimes a phrase comes to mind that accurately describes the Liberals that I rant about!

"Small furry animals...." - - - OH how you know my weak spot!!!! LOL!

Thanks for the kind words and comments, DB!
hey man. btw, she's not nice. like i said, i see her all the time, like at wizzards basketbal games and i tried to talk to her and all and see if she can defend that crap that she says on the show. she looks like she'd be all sweet, but i think she's real stupid becasu she can't answer my questns and just gets all pretend polite and stuck up and says like she just wants to watch the game because she don't know how to answer. it would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic
Hi Brian. Your points are all duly noted.

but i think she's real stupid becasu she can't answer my questns ... agreed, she doesn't sound that intelligent on the radio. But I'm objective enough a person to realize that just because someone sounds stupid doesn't necessarily mean they are.

I'm just having a little fun with Mr. Harvey the way Liberal Bloggers have with Karl Rove or Ann Coulter.

Thanks for visiting. Oh, hey - again, your hypertext name doesn't link to any blog. You should be blogging. What you've written here is good. And whether you're on the left or the right, you should be blogging on some free host.
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