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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Big, Bad Evil Oil: Part 2

Airhead America's "Global Oil Economic Guru" (snicker snicker), Mike Malloy, had the following to say on his program last night.

Click the > to listen to his words. Voice is NOT impersonated, it's him! Transcript appears below as well. (Sorry for the quality of the audio.)

Little Mikey Malloy

And let's all marvel - really MARVEL - at the "money-sound-byte" that escaped Cluck Schumer's orifice today, responding to increased gas prices:
And then he paused, with his beak poked directly into the camera, and treated us to yet another brief episode of "Cluck Schumer Pontificates".

Senator Cluck Schumer

Malloy and Schumer both typify that gas prices are nothing more than a political issue for the Democrats. Nope, they have no solution to reduce gas prices. But they're willing to use the issue of increased per gallon prices as a political device to trash the Bush Administration, "Big Oil", and, I guess, "Oil Pirates" whoever that is - if indeed they even exist outside of Malloy's wee little brain.

Could it be that increased prices in the cost of a gallon of gasoline are at all attributable to excess environmental impact from the "greenies" and the enviro-restrictions that the environmentalism movement has put upon "Big Oil"?

Could it be that both the Federal and State Government has excessively TAXED a gallon of gasoline for not highway improvements, but as their source of revenue for any state's "general fund"?

Could it be that there is no incentive for "Big Oil" to explore for domestic crude oil reserves, again due to excessive enviro-legislation and the Environmental Protection Agency (i.e. no off-shore drilling or exploration, mandatory reductions in byproducts such as sulfur content, mandatory legislation that "X" percent of a gallon of gasoline must be ethanol)?

Please remind yourselves that out of the oil rigs devastated by hurricane Katrina, that only TWO OF THEM have returned to full capacity production. If you don't think that this has an impact on the price of gasoline you are...oh, like Malloy, a TRUTH DENIER, not a truth seeker.

Why aren't we drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico? Off the coast of California? In the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)? Building more refineries? Why, that last one built was over thirty years ago.

The oil is there. But the "greenies", and certain politicians on both sides of the aisle (Yes, I mean you Senator Norm Coleman, Republican/RINO of Minnesota, who said you were for drilling in ANWR, but then caved into the "greenies") are more concerned with wildlife than they are the cost of gasoline. So none of you greenies should be complaining as you fill up the tanks on your PT Cruisers, which, is the vehicle of choice for Malloy. And the PT Cruiser is rated as: The PT Cruiser's sticker claims a city highway average of 25 miles per gallon. During AAA's drive, it got 17.5 (MPG).

The price of any commodity is driven by the supply and the demand for that commodity. I don't see any less traffic with the current price of gasoline than I did when it was .50cents or a dollar less than the current price. I'm not advocating doing less of anything as an economic protest to drive down prices. At best, that is a minor and very temporary method to deal with an increased price of any commodity.

The United States does need to drill more for domestic oil, off the coasts, in ANWR, and anywhere else that exploration indicates its existence. While this is being done, of course we have to look at alternative fuel. But right now, whether you want to believe it or not, oil is still the cheapest and most plentiful source of energy for not only our country but the world as well.

What if a magic fuel was found tomorrow that would put "Big Oil" out of business? The effect on the global economy would be a disaster. There isn't one, single item in your home that didn't spend time on a truck. And that truck used...oil to get it to you. Look around you and see how many items are a product of oil; plastics, polyurethanes, insulation, vinyl, neoprene. And for the products that don't contain oil byproducts, again, they've all spent time on a truck in getting to your homes.

It's easy to point the blame-finger at "Big Oil" and those "rich, Republican Oil Pirates." It's far less easy to take responsibility and put forth some, perhaps unpopular solutions, such as those mentioned above - drilling in areas where wildlife exists. Make your choices people.

Which do you want, increased gas prices or pretty and pristine wilderness areas? The funny part is, we can have both lower gasoline prices AND pristine wilderness areas. That is, if the "greenies" and their groupies would allow it.

Paul W. Smith, guest-hosting on the Rush Limbaugh Show today talked with Ben Stein. Now, Ben Stein has more knowledge and intelligence in half a fingernail clipping than Malloy or Schumer combined and to the 1,000th power:

Mr. Stein said:
Two to three percent of the world's daily oil supply!

Ben Stein

There is no Texas Oil Cabal. There is no BIG OIL Conspiracy, other than perhaps those hallucinations that exist in the acid-flashback mind of bitter and aging Commiecrats like Malloy.

Cluck Schumer, what have you offered as a realistic alternative to our so-called addiction to oil, other than for "calling for an investigation," on oil or whatever other Crisis de Jour of the moment gets your beak in front of a television camera for five seconds? N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

Yeah, the cost of a gallon of gas has increased. It's more likely than not to continue increasing as we move into summer. The Left automatically construes this as a Big Oil Conspiracy. But do they have any proof of what they allege? Of course not, but it plays to their political base.

Remember last winter, how refineries had to play catch-up to pump out enough refined crude for heating oil? Well, heating oil was a priority then and that is where the bulk of their refining was concentrated, unlike summer where they need to refine crude oil for gasoline. Guess what - we're going to be in the same predicament come this fall and winter again, because WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH REFINERIES.

With the growing population we have and the, for lack of a better term, "urban sprawl", it is completely unrealistic for us to expect a continuous and uninterrupted flow of heating oil/gasoline/heating oil/gasoline/heating oil/gasoline. Oh, throw on even MORE EPA regulations to confound the refinery imbalances. Toss on a "windfall profits tax"... that won't hurt "Big Oil". No, those costs will be passed on to...THE CONSUMER.

It's funny, so many people will pay upwards of $5.00, or more, for a gourmet ten or twelve ounce cup of coffee, every day - perhaps more than one cup per day - and think nothing of it. Yet so many of these same individuals will buy into the false propaganda spread by the Left when it comes to a gallon of gasoline increasing ten or twenty cents over a period of a week or ten days. Get real.

We can continue as a country to be dependent on imported oil and not build refineries. Not explore our domestic reserves. Hold holy all animal or aquatic life within a 100-500 mile radius of oil supplies, and talk about, but do nothing, to find alternative energy sources. After all, the Liberals looooooooooooove to hear themselves talk about alternate energy but do absolutely nothing about it - for, like Social Security Reform and a host of other issues that need fixing - it is an issue that Liberals need to keep alive, not to solve, because it's the issue that gives their party life.

And a sad life, it is for them, indeed!



Regarding the leftists crying conspiracy you state "But do they have any proof of what they allege? Of course not..."

Ah, but we leftist who don't have our head in the sand have plenty of proof. “As observed over the last few years and as projected well into the future, the most critical factor facing the refining industry on the West Coast is the surplus refining capacity..." from an internal document within the Texaco organization back in 1996.

Senator Wyden (OR) headed up an investigative report in 2001. :"...the record shows – supported by documents I have obtained – that . . . major oil companies pursued efforts to curtail refinery capacity as a strategy for improving profit margins;"

Oh my, there is so much more. But you are wearing conservative blinders and appear small minded, not to mention angry in general. I tire of you.
Dan, run along. You're late for band practice.

Well, I'm sure if Ron Wyden headed up an investigation and says something, then it must be true, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, right?

Do you have a source for your claims and what you say of Wyden? It's not from "Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Central'.com is it?

Dan, do you want to continue to play politics with the energy issue or solve them? Pick one.

"Conservative Blinders"? HA HA, you haven't read much of the archive section of this blog, have you.

"I tire of you." Oh Dat's So Sad. I'm here to be beloved by Little Liberals who cower behind the apron of their mommies, just like you Dan. Because short of attacking anyone who criticizes the Left, the Left offers nothing of value or substance to anyone other than their own asskissing base, of which I presume you are a proud, Liberal asskissing card carrying member.

Have a wonderful day.
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