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Saturday, January 21, 2006

One Hit News

Liberal Democrat resigns after it becomes public he had Affair with Rent Boy! (And no, it wasn't Spbarney Sprank.)
Beavis: "Heh-heh-you said 'Home Affairs'".
NASA on trip to Pluto.

Butthead: "Heh...I'd rather see Pluto than Uranus. Huh--Huh!"
Acupuncture Deactivates Brain. A lot of Liberals must have had intensive acupuncture treatment!
I found This List of Top Ten Unexpected Film Deaths via Lemuel. I have to wonder why "Psycho" is not listed, as Janet Leigh is killed off...what is it...within the first twenty minutes or so?

    The [shower] scene left countless moviegoers sneaking the occasional peak around the shower curtain to make sure the bathroom was clear of knife-wielding lunatics. It also was a drastic departure from Hollywood convention, defying expectations of audiences who until that point had identified with Leigh as the movie's main character.

    "I think first of all it was having a big movie star playing the part and dying early in the movie," said Pat Hitchcock. "That was the shock value."

And a one-day belated Happy 60th Birthday to my favorite filmmaker of all, an iconoclast and someone whose films make you think; the one and only:
Mr. Lynch. "Inland Empire" is in post production. I can't wait for its release. (He exudes cool.)

i love that...home affairs. oh i did not know until just now who mrs. satan was, i am so unhip.
Hi Reverend!

Yep, Hillary is mrssatan. Or as the Bible refers to her, The Anti-Christ.
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