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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Worms Eating Ted Kennedy

Okay, I have a math question.

If one worm starts at Dead Ted Tumor Head Kennedy's head and begins eating its way through him, and another worm of equal size starts eating its way through him from the sole of one of his feet, how long does it take before both worms die from acute alcohol poisoning due to the residual booze remaining in his corpse?

Ha ha ! You're Dead Ted!


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Actually the worms vomit in what is left of his spleen and keep on eating... I mean drinking... I mean eating. You know Teddy may have solved one of the greatest problems vexing mankind. Say I have the munchies something fierce, but I don't want to stop drinking long enough to take time to chow potentially harshing the buzz. Think alcohol laced munchies. I'm not talking Jello shots. I'm thinking something like a 100 proof Moon Pie. Fuck that is brilliant Ted. Maybe you really are the inspiration the leftards claim you are.
Mom: It's time for supper Teddy.

Ted: Worms! Hum, yummy :)!!

Americans better watch out his grave. Some winos may be tempted to dig in to eat those worms so they can get drunk.

a 100 proof Moon Pie.

Bwa! LMAO!

Actually, that sounds pretty good. I wonder if they will be marketed under the Kennedy brand name?!?!?!?
Yes Tym, exactly.

Like Homer Simpson.

Mmmmmmm. Worms. (Drooooool).

Thanks for the link and image posted at your site. I just commented there a short bit ago. You are most kind. Thank you.
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