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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ted Kennedy Dead; Camelot Closed

"It's fun to speak ill of the dead."
- Liberal Radio Talker, Hatemonger, Smear Merchant Mike "The Rapidly Decaying Corpse" Malloy, The Mike Malloy Show, Air America - July 5, 2006

U.S. Senator, CommieCrat Fat Ted Tumor Head died Tuesday night from a brain tumor.

Tumor 1; Kennedy 0 .

The SF Gate writes Ted Kennedy was punished; leave him alone, and:

    Kennedy made a mistake but made up for it

    Accidents happen to everyone. It's sad to see people write about this who, if they were caught in the same circumstances don't know how they would have handled it, don't know what they would have done. If you're one of those people, the Internet trolls running around today, don't get upset if people treat you like you're treating Senator Kennedy after his death.

    I for one, will not clap in glee at your tragedy.

    Get this straight: Ted Kennedy had his day in court 40 years ago, was sentenced, and that was excused by the judge. You can't retry a case decades later and double jeopardy is a violation of Kennedy's constitutional rights.

Accidents can happen to everyone. However, Ted Kennedy left the scene of the crime, returned to his hotel room and went to sleep while Mary Jo Kopechne drown in, what experts say was a slow, four-hour horrific tortuous death as the car slowly filled with water. She ran out of air pockets. She died. Ted was in his hotel bed.

He didn't report anything to the police until the next morning after consulting with his advisers.

No, he did not pay price. He never paid a price:

Judge James A. Boyle presided at the inquest. Among Judge Boyle's conclusions were the following:

* "Kopechne and Kennedy did not intend to return to Edgartown" at the time they left the party.
* "Kennedy did not intend to drive to the ferry slip".
* "[Kennedy]'s turn onto Dike Road was intentional".

Judge Boyle also said that "negligent driving appears to have contributed to the death of Mary Jo Kopechne".

Under Massachusetts law Boyle could have ordered Kennedy's arrest, but he chose not to do so. District Attorney [Edmund] Dinis chose not to pursue Kennedy for manslaughter, despite Judge Boyle's conclusions.

Gee, you don't suppose that maybe, just maybe, Dinis was paid off by the uber-wealthy Kennedys, do you?

All the facts
are right at this post, footnoted and sources cited.



I don't care that Ted Kennedy died. He was a spoiled little silver spoon rich boy. He was vile, evil, unindicted manslaughterer. An uncaring man who drove his first wife to alcoholism and caused nothing but pain and suffering for so very many people. This is the history of the Kennedy males, causing pain and suffering for all those with whom they come in contact.



August 25 should be declared a National Holiday. The Unindicted Manslaughterer died. He no longer can leave others to die.

Celebrate and be happy this piece of human filth is in Hell. That's what I'm doing!



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I refused to link a single Dead Kennedy post until you posted yours. Thanks for not being a deadbeat and not disappointing me.
I won't shed a tear, buddy!
Oh no!

Ah yes. Ted is dead and liberals all over the world are doing what liberals always do when one of their icons dies; they try to praise them into heaven. Dead Ted was wicked and vile but if you judged him by all the MSM sound bites he was the greatest man since Adam. I just want to puke every time I read "He was the greatest senator in history." Ted Kennedy wasn't fit to lick the shoes of some of the senators this country has known let alone be mentioned in the same breath.

So let the liberals praise their fallen political god, they can't change his current location or make his hell any cooler.
Sorry SF Commie Gate, but being an unrepentant asswipe liberal goon makes up for nothing. Uncle Ted never accepted responsibility for his actions that resulted in Mary Jo's death. He did just the opposite. It's most unfortunate he had to suffer from cancer. No one should have to suffer from cancer. Be that as it may, he doesn't deserve forgiveness now because died a miserable death. So did Mary Jo. Teddy never admitted to any fault. He died unredeemed. Throw him in a hole and forget about him. Better yet, throw him in the ocean. His grave site would be a waste of good space.
Once again David, I invite you to seek out for the last Galganov's editorial on Ted Kennedy, a real truthful picture of the dude:


Almost as good as a relief as when the other Ted (Bundy this time) was pronounced dead.
The very first person I thought about when Ted died was you Dave, since you (rightly) feel so strongly about him.

I read on Gateway Pundiit or another conservative blog the many things he endorsed,and it's devilish.

Anyway, may God have mercy on his soul.
Paul Mitchell,

Thank you very much. And Kudos to your post. I'm backtracking to it.
R. Duncan, me either!!
Dane, yeah....you sum it up well. Look, I didn't or wouldn't wish a brain tumor on anybody, but I'm not going to feign sympathy for someone whose past is so destructive to so many people. There are facts, and there there are what Liberals want to believe. And as long as the person's name is followed by a D - strike that - followed by an "L" - they will always get the free past. I'm not playing that game. And I know you don't either.

What I've seen on the MSM coverage is TK being treated like Royalty. His criminal past isn't even mentioned, or is his sympathizing with the IRA.

I'm not sad he's gone. That's all I'm sayin.

The SF Gate article is the normal template when someone like TK dies. Deny the facts. Simply deny the facts, present propaganda and hope no one bothers to research the accuracy. My fault...what should I expect from the SF GaYte, the Liberal tampon?
Thanks for he heads up on Galga, Tym. I've got him bookmarked but need reminders to go there. Time---or lack of it on some days. On my list for reading tonight!

You know...I did not ever, or would I, wish something bad on anyone. I'm not saddened by his death. I know that's in poor taste. But that is the point of my blog, and I know you know this. And I know you know why I write things like this. The top of the post quote is from a Liberal: "It's fun to make fun of the dead." That's what I'm doing; what the Left does. And I know you know this.

TK does need mercy, as do we all.
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