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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Michelle Obama Vomits Orange,
Attempts Fashion Statement

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Michelle Pickles Obama - the Dangerous Washerwoman - apologized to the press for vomiting all over herself and
failing to change clothes.

    "I had several oranges, Captain Crunch cereal and some Tang for breakfast and it didn't sit well with me. I soon threw up all over myself and my clothes, but I decided instead of changing, I would make a fashion statement," said Michelle Obama.

    "Her fashion sense is deplorable," said Yves L' Saturrinne, world famous French designer and creator of the famous L'Saturrinne line of exclusive womenswear.

    "Anyone can vomit all over a white blouse in projectile patterns and various earth tones with an emphasis in a subtractive primary color," he said. "The key is, can the person make it work for them from a fashion standpoint, and for Michelle Obama, the answer clearly is no," said L'Saturrinne.

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The woman has no class at all.

Amazing. She and Hussein Junior are a match made in... Saudi ARabia.
"a match made in Saudi Arabia..."

That is FUNNY, Mats! Damn...wish I'd have thought of that line! You have a great sense of humor!
Whoa. Baby got hog back. Better equip that ass with a back-up alarm. Don't want anybody getting hurt now. The fluorescent orange safety tape is a good start though.
Molson, I wonder if it "beeps" when she's walking in reverse, like the caution "beeps" the UPS trucks make when backing-up? ;-)
Yes, i agree with Mats. he is right. the female has no class at all. i am really appreciate this.thank you for shearing your post.
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