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Friday, May 15, 2009

Ted Kennedy "Focuses on legacy."

Hope you haven't had lunch yet. If you have, keep a vomit bag handy. Maybe two, even.

AP Writer Glen Johnson's veneration of Ted Kennedy and his "legacy".

There's only on thing Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy is concerned about. Well...two things. One, never being held accountable, responsible or having to answer any questions - ever - about the woman he left to die a horrible death,

and Two:

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Talisker is a top shelf scotch. I think Ted might be more of an Irish whiskey addict?
It is a top shelf scotch. Never tried it. Have you? I like a scotch every once in a great great while. Not my particular choice of adult beverages.

Heh, yeah, I thought about using an Irish Whiskey bottle. I think as long as it's a minimum of 80 proof, that's all that matters to Fat Ted.
Teddy be on crack.
He be on the crack and the 80 proof. Just keep him out from behind the driver's seat!!!!!!!! ;-)
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