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Friday, February 13, 2009

Henrietta Hughes: I Declare Shenanigans

I Declare Shenanigans on Henrietta Hughes, the alleged homeless woman plant who got a free house for her acting performance as a homeless woman appearing at a town hall meeting, chaired by His Excellency Dear Leader The Illegitimate Kenyan-Born Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

Here's what we know about Henrietta Hughes, the allegedly homeless woman:

* She owns a house. She satisfied the mortgage in 2003. Click on the Lee County Clerk site and enter Hughes Henrietta in the NAME search and click on Search Records. See her there?

* Ms. Hughes was running her same three-card monte game in New York in 2004:

    Mrs. Hughes and her son have been jobless and receiving government assistance since at least 2004.

* Web of Deception has the following information on the allegedly homeless Henrietta who transferred her home to her son Corey:

    Property Address - 1013 HIBISCUS AVE, LEHIGH ACRES FL 33936-8006
    Owner Name - HUGHES, COREY
    Owner Address - 2640 BLAKE ST 3, FORT MYERS FL 33916-4043
    Sale Date - 10/19/2001
    Parcel Number - 44-27-18-09-00035-019
    Document Type - DEED OF TRUST
    Recording Date - 10/29/2001
    Mortgage Amount - $124,400

Yeah, she's homeless all right.

FraudPbama Meets FraudHughes in a scripted moment.

Exactly how many homes does Henrietta own:

    [Henrietta and Corey Hughes'] names appear to come up listed as "owner(s)" on three distinct public housing units going back as far as 1983 - one in Georgia and two in Florida. As to reports she was living with "friends" in New York, that appears to be the home of her parents.

    I have no idea why Henrietta Hughes may be homeless today. Unfortunate events happen to us all. My only point is, her troubles and need for public assistance seem to precede the current economic crisis and likely go back years.

Well heck, it seems Henriette and Corey are kind of like John and Cindy McCain and all of their homes. Kind of hard to remember how many you have when you have so many.

Huh, listed as owners on three distinct properties going back to 1983. That doesn't sound like homelessness to me. It sounds like she owns rental property.

Not to mention, her domain name got up and running at record speed. Almost like...before anyone knew her name! Amazing, the speed of the intertubes, eh?

This APee story makes a point in noting that Henrietta is religious. She prays a lot. Ooooh, she's one of those, huh? Man, if she were a Republican, she'd be facing all kinds of insults from The Left like: "Jesus is not Career Builder, get a job, lady." And prayer? Is there anything The Left disdains more than prayer? We ought to heckle Henrietta for believing in a Creator...whoa, what a knuckle-dragging, Jeebus-believin'-Gospel-Thumping Stump she is. CAN I GET AN AMENS?!

You've been had America. You've been PWNED by Pbama and his Cultists.

The Hughes "Homeless" story is a fraud!

H/T: Mean Ol' Meany

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The only transparency in this administration is the fact that almost every crime, lie, and deception is so over the top, that thinking people see straight through it.

This bullshit house of cards can't stand up to this type of scrutiny much longer.
Oh Two Dogs, I dunno...we're never going to see any scrutiny from the MSM. I have no faith in the MSM.
DD, Off hand how much does it pay to be one of Obama's media shills? I am pretty sure that I can look right into a camera and flat out lie about anything, especially if it involves money or other types of financial gain. My fainting spells are pretty good but I need to work on shitting my pants on command. If I take the job, I wouldn't actually have to touch Obama though would I??
great investigative piece you have here, mr. drake. i'm off to check all your links and may repost it with recognition going to you, of course.
Theodore, well, hopefully you wouldn't have to touch His Excellency.

Make sure you have fake fainters stacked in your audiences too. Don't forget them, they're the most important and fun part!
NanC, oh, no problem. And please, no "Mister" Drake stuff. You always give credit where credit is due and I try my utmost to do the same. You don't even have to ask me anymore. I am flattered that you find info worth reproducing elsewhere.
Dave, about your pic of obama and henrietta...it looks more like "Blackula" drinking an old woman's blood. Sadly, it is not that far fetched.... socialist liberals always eat their young (poor people).
It's an APee photo. I should give them credit since they are so anal with their copyright.
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