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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Democrat Scandal Mahoneygate

It's a Democrat Scandal!

Hold on, let me set the CAPS Lock to "on". OKAY...



Mahoneygate is the Democrat's Florida SCANDAL involving Tim Mahoney - the newly elected Congressman from 2006. He occupies the district formerly occupied by Republican Mark Foley. You remember Mark Foley, right, the Democrat turned Republican who exercised poor judgment in e-mailing and instant messaging Congressional male Pages? Yeah, him - Foley - the ones the Dems quickly and falsely labeled a pedophile even though not a shred of evidence existed to prove their character assassination and defamation of him.

Now it seems that the Dems have their own SCANDAL IN FLORIDA! MAHONEYGATE!

From WSJ.com:

    Freshman Democratic lawmaker Tim Mahoney of Florida won his congressional district in 2006 after incumbent Republican Rep. Mark Foley resigned weeks before the election. ABC News had found that Foley had sent inappropriate online communications to teenage males in the House Page program.

    Now, just two years later, ABC News is reporting another scandal just three weeks before Election Day, this time involving Mahoney.

    According to the investigative report released today, Mahoney paid a previously undisclosed $121,000 settlement to a former staffer, who was also his mistress, in order to stop her suing him for sexual harassment.

    ABC reports that senior Democratic lawmakers, including Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, were aware of Mahoney’s personal troubles and were working to keep the matter quiet before Election Day, Mahoney staffers said.

    However, a spokeswoman for Emanuel disputed that account and said there was only one brief conversation between the two lawmakers in 2007 when rumors of the affair reached Emanuel. The spokeswoman said re-election prospects were never discussed. “Upon hearing a rumor, Congressman Emanuel confronted Congressman Mahoney, told him he was in public life and had a responsibility to act accordingly and appropriately, and urged him to do so. They had no further conversations on this topic,” said the spokeswoman.

    The affair reportedly began in 2006, when Mahoney, who is married, was running for Congress. Mahoney fired her in January 2008, and she began legal proceedings in February that concluded with a settlement in March.

    Particularly damaging is a recording of a Jan. 20, 2008 phone call released by ABC between Mahoney and the woman, Patricia Allen, during which Mahoney fires her. “You’re fired,” Mahoney tells her. “Do you hear me? Don’t tell me whether it’s correct or not.” Allen says, “Tell me why else I’m fired.” “There is no why else,” Mahoney responds.

"You're fired. There is no why else." Big, Bad Tim Mahoney

This is Scandalous with a capital "S"! Why, "there needs to be an investigation."

What did Rahm Emanuel know and when did he know it regarding the hush money paid to the mistress? Why, "there needs to be an investigation."

Why, I bet as I type this Cluck Schumer is standing before cameras and microphones saying, "there has to be an investigation into Mahoneygate."

Mahoney should resign, shouldn't he? This is what the Dems would be saying if he was a Republican.

Then again, the Dems are famous for circling the wagons protecting their own lawbreakers, scoundrels and various assorted sundry perverts.

Let's all watch the unbiased and fair MSM and find out if they breathlessly cover Mahoneygate as non-stop as they covered Mark Foley.

"Mahoney paid a previously undisclosed $121,000 settlement to a former staffer, who was also his mistress, in order to stop her suing him for sexual harassment."

Oh, Those Good Olde Fashioned Democrat Family Values!


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No scandal here. Just another day in DemocRAT fantasy land. Never heard of it? Well DemocRAT fantasy land is a magical place where no matter how big the scandal, or the lie, or the theft, nothing is done about it. It is a total leftard free pass zone, but don't go there if you're a Republican. There is no magical free pass for the Republicans in DemocRAT fantasy land. In fact, the leftards will make some shit up about any Republican who dares to enter. It's kind of like Narnia with syphilitic old swamp cows.
Yes, well, it is the most ethical congress ever, isn't it?

Love the Narnia line!

Watch how Mahoneygate just drops off the radar with the MSM. Unlike the Foley story.

The 110th IS the most ethical congress, isn't it?

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