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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Presidential Debate Number One Analysis

Here are some of the things I noticed while watching the Friday night presidential candidate debate between War Hero and POW Republican Senator John McCain and the unqualified, inexperienced former community organizer America-hating, terrorist sympathizing Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Moderator and longtime PBS trough-feeder Jim Lehrer's Liberalism was on full display with his continued interrupting of McCain while he allowed Obama to drone on and on and on. And if you think his performance was biased, wait until the Vice Presidential debate moderated by super-duper-uber Liberal Gwen Awful Ifill, another Media hack whose entire career also depends fully on PBS.

* Obama wore his U.S. Flag Lapel pin just as I predicted. Yep, he sure does a good job impersonating that he's a Patriot and an American.

* When did Obama pick up the sibilant "s"? I noticed this a few months ago.

* Obama said al-Qaida is "stronger than ever before." No, al-Qaida is not. Every intelligence report from the U.S. and our Allies proves Obama's statement is false. al-Qaida itself admits it is weakened and nowhere near the force it used to be.

* Obama's behavior was worse than an unruly spoiled school child with his continual interrupting of McCain and Lehrer. Obama was disrespectful, arrogant, haughty and bigheaded. This is the behavior that many foreigners label The Ugly American. Is this how Obama, as president, will conduct himself with foreign leaders, by interrupting them, by condescending to them, by being impatient with them? Obama likes the sound of his own voice and would prefer not to hear the voices of others.

* Obama said that the infrastructure of China is better than the infrastructure of the United States. The roads, bridges and highways, buildings, sewer and water systems, electric grid, rail and telecommunications systems in China are better than that of the U.S.? Obama's statement is laughable and patently false.

* Obama's statement of, "broadband for everybody," is absurd and preposterous.

* Obama stammered, stumbled and fumbled over the U.S. Soldier's name on the bracelet that he wears. It was obvious he isn't even vaguely familiar with Soldier. McCain didn't even have to look at his bracelet, McCain knows the name of the Solider on his bracelet.

* Obama plagiarized Hillary Clinton's Democrat Convention line of "a little extra money leftover at the end of each month
." He mentioned something to the effect of parents having, "a little extra money at the end of the month for a computer for their kids or for the gas tank." This is all the Democrats want average Americans to have, "a little extra money." Not a lot, mind you, just "a little." It's obvious the Dems have little desire to enact any meaningful legislation to reduce the Middle Class tax burden.

* Obama repeated his promise that he will not be able to keep of a "tax cut for 95% of Americans." This is financially and mathematically impossible considering his plans of expanding entitlement programs and growing the size of government. Bill Clinton made a similar campaign promise that he could not keep. May I remind everyone of his 1995 statement: "People in this room are still mad at me at that budget because you think I raised your taxes too much. Well, it might surprise you to know I think I raised them too much, too."

* Obama couldn't name one program or issue where he would implement budget cuts or reductions. Not one thing. Obama is the textbook definition of a Liberal Tax and Spender.

* Obama will increase corporate taxes. What will corporations do? They will relocate their businesses to countries with lower tax rates. Obama said he will give incentives to corporations that keep their business located in the U.S. Huh - I guess that means he's going to give tax breaks (i.e. "incentives") to businesses, something for which Obama Cultists vilify Republicans. Never underestimate the amazing ability of Liberals to rationalize.

* At one point, Obama referred to John McCain as, "Tom." Did Obama hit the crack pipe prior to the debate? Could be.

* Obama continued pimping the decision to go to war in Iraq was a bad one. The cow is out of the barn on this. We can't travel back in time - yet - and undo this decision. Obama neglects holding responsible and accountable all his fellow Democrats who voted to authorize the War in Iraq. The question becomes where do we go from here, and McCain has the right approach on this and Obama doesn't. It's that simple.

* Obama blamed current financial problems on the last eight years of Bush policy. While this is a popular myth that sells, it is simply tripe. The current financial problems are tied to Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton's presidencies of the Community Reinvestment Act, a lack of oversight on lending institutions and the Democrats pressuring banks and mortgage lenders to provide loans to people who were not financially qualified to repay them. Bush and McCain fought for reform but the Democrats blocked it every chance they could.

* Obama failed in articulating his plans of deploying U.S. Troops from Iraq. McCain hit it out of the ballpark.

* Obama wants more troops in Afghanistan. Using Liberal Logic (not that there is such a thing), this means that Obama is a warmonger, that he loves bloodshed and destruction. Remember, it's the Liberals who say, "war is always wrong," yet his supporters will not hold him to the same standard that they do a Republican who would advocate more Troops being sent to Afghanistan. Never underestimate the ability of Liberals to remain in a deep state of denial.

* Obama mentioned some strange country that he named and pronounced as, "Pock-ee-stan." Where is this "Pock-ee-stan"? Maybe an Obama Cultist can tell me where this esoteric country exists on a map. Heh, and the Libs made fun of George W. Bush for some of his mispronunciations. Once again, where is this "Pock-ee-stan"?

* Obama acts and speaks as if he's running against George W. Bush. He's not. Maybe his campaign puppet masters should inform him of this.

* Obama repeated his willingness to invade a sovereign country, Pakistan. This is the same criticism leveled at Bush by the Lefties and especially from the Obama Cultists with regard to Iraq. Another amazing display of double-standards and hypocrisy from The Left. Invading a sovereign country under Obama is okay, but under a Republican it's bad.

* Obama had to be embarrassed into traveling to Afghanistan and Iraq to meet with U.S. Troops and General David Petraeus. Obama still would not have gone there had he not been shamed into going there.

* Obama clearly does not know the difference between a tactic and a strategy. This came across loud and clear.

* Obama is terrorist-friendly and anti-Israel. His VP running mate Joe Biden is the one who said that Israel better get used to a "nuclearized Iran." I wish McCain had brought up Biden's foolish statement. It's clear neither Obama or Biden care about one of our staunch allies in the Middle East, Israel.

* Obama knows he's in deep doo-doo with his statements of willing to meet, without preconditions, with terrorists and despots. There's nothing he can do to unspin this, no matter how desperately he tries. And he tried Friday night, oh how he tried.

* Obama brought up "The Suitcase Nuke Scenario." Thank you Dems, there you go again, playing The Fear Card, an allegation that The Left never fails in accusing the Republicans of doing.

* Obama referred to McCain as, "John" while McCain referred to Obama as "Senator Obama." Tell me, which candidate possesses class and respect?

* Obama couldn't articulate one thing - not one thing - in the budget that he would cut. Obama, up until a few months ago, was a big proponent of earmarks and pork spending. He suddenly became anti-earmark and anti-pork after he won the Democrat nomination and became the official Dem candidate. My, what convenient timing on his part.

* Obama's exchange on what Henry Kissinger did or didn't say was a feeble and failed attempt of amateur desperation and one-upmanship. Obama failed miserably.

* Obama defended Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae when it was both McCain and Bush who proposed a series of legislation to reign in and reform Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. It was the Democrats and Obama who blocked the reform every chance Republicans tried to do something about it.

* McCain took a bit to get up to speed, which isn't unusual for anyone in a debate. But he handled himself well. He was articulate and, most importantly, he came across as a statesman and as genuine.

* McCain's answers were thoughtful, complete and based on facts.

* McCain described many instances where he worked in a non-partisan fashion to accomplish legislative action that needed to be done. Obama couldn't list one example of where he did the same.

* McCain's grasp on foreign policy is abundantly obvious. He has a solid history in being right about the Russia-Georgia conflict, the success of the Military "surge", on North Korea, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Obama is virtually clueless on foreign policy.

* McCain listed several examples of where he would cut the budget of specific programs and I was overjoyed to hear him say that he would put an end to ethanol subsidies. Ethanol is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American public. Ethanol would still be at the drawing board stage if it were not for subsidies.

* McCain recognizes that Iraq is a central front and battleground for al-Qaida. McCain knows this while Obama doesn't. [1], [2], [3], [4]

* McCain brought up ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who, during the Clinton Administration, met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. McCain correctly noted what good did it do with Albright meeting with Kimmy? Obama, on the other hand, wants to "talk" with despots.

* McCain has a sense of humor, Obama clearly has none. His attack on McCain of "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," is all the evidence anyone needs. Besides, which president bombed the hell out of Kosovo and Serbia? Answer: Democrat President Bill Clinton.

* McCain touted his role - and rightly so - as being against earmarks and pork which put Obama on the defensive. Obama was unable to defend himself on his gratuitous and egregious earmarks for Illinois.

Remember, I plan on not voting and sitting this election out. I've written many times in the past that I am no fan of John McCain.

Thus, I would have to chalk up the first debate as a McCain win and an Obama loss. I'm not the only one thinking this way. As of the publishing of this post, Matt Drudge has an interactive poll on his site asking viewers who won Friday night's debate with the following responses:

    MCCAIN: 68% 263,307
    OBAMA: 30% 116,347
    NEITHER: 3% 9,817

    Total Votes: 389,471

The key areas where Obama blew it big time: his statement that China's infrastructure is better than the infrastructure of the United States, his statements of "I have a bracelet too," and "broadband for everybody," saying that al-Qaida is stronger than ever before and his incessant interrupting and disrespectful manner towards McCain and Lehrer.


[1] Bin Laden wanted US to invade Iraq, author says, CNN

[2] U.S. military: Al-Zarqawi was alive after bombing, CNN noting the paragraph: Al-Zarqawi was the leader of one of the nation's many insurgent factions. In October 2004, al-Zarqawi pledged his allegiance to al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, and renamed his group al Qaeda in Iraq.

[3] White House: Bin Laden wanted Iraq as a new base, CNN

[4] al-Qaeda, Infoplease

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A very in depth and accurate analysis of the debate DD. The best I have read or heard so far and as always you have the 'Hate America First' candidate pegged right. Barry OCarter - The Grand Fraud Master of the Left.
Thanks Molson,

I think the biggest reason Barry did so poorly is that he didn't have his Little Tykes Teleprompter with him, huh??

His statement of "al Qaida being stronger now more than ever" -- can you IMAGINE if Sarah Palin had said that and how the press would jumping down her throat if she had?

And China having a better infrastructure than the U.S.? Again, if Palin or Mitt or Rudy or Fred Thompson had said that? Holy jeebus, the MSM would be calling them senile and out of touch. But Fraudbama gets a free pass. What a pile of reeking crap!

Al Qaida has it's HQ in northern Pakistan. So my question is when do we drop the bomb, or any kind of bomb? McCain said nothing about that except that he wanted to negotiate with the tribes in northern Pakistan because they intermarried with the taliban and al qaida members...my view is that if you knowingly bring a terrorist into your home, then your home is a legit military target...don't forget they killed three thousand on our soil and we want to negotiate with their family members? Is this how you fight a war? Time to gas up the B-52's and end this thing...what are we waiting for.

Bottom line is does McCain have this view: If you knowingly bring a terrorist into your home, your home is a legit military target.

What do you think David, does McCain have this view? And if you feel he doesn't, then how can he win this "war?"

And yes I know Barry would be worse than McCain, but an additional question would be how much better is McCain?

Hi Roderick,

I take it you are the commenter "Roderick" that I've read over at Two Dogs blog.

I agree with you that Obama would be worse for the country (and the world - IMO) than McCain as president.

You sound like you are "up" on current events including Iraq and Afghanistan. Then you know that our ROE (Rules of Engagment) in Iraq and Afghanistan severly limits some of what our Military and our Allies can do.

I agree with your view if you knowingly bring a terrorist into your home, then your home is a legit military target.

Terrorists are known for surrounding themselves with children and sometimes elderly men and women. I am NOT of the opinion that this means we should not kill or fire upon the terrorists.

Our progress in Iraq would be far more ahead had we not tied one arm behind the back of our Soldiers. Collateral damage happens, and if terrorists want to surround themselves with children, then those children had better be prepared to die.

As far as Pakistan, they are an Ally, although with the precarious situation there from Musharaff to now Zardari, anything could happen.

I wouldn't favor "invading" Pakistan without them agreeing - of course with them as our Ally. Should a turn of events turn Pakistan into an enemy, then of course I think we reserve the right to take action inside the borders of Pakistan (i.e. going after Bin Laden based upon actionable intel).

McCain understands the above. Obama doesn't.

And btw, if you are fairly new to reading my blog, please know that I am no supporter of McCain, I've written this for well over 2 years. I'm not voting this year, I'm sitting it out. While I prefer McCain over Obama by a wide WIDE margin, I just can't bring myself to vote for him. This could change between now and election day, but I doubt it.

Thanks for visiting and commenting. I welcome you and hope to see more comments from you in the future.
Fantastic post David... My son was watching the debate with me for the first 30 minutes when he asked if we were recording it (he had something else to do). He's really interested in finding out the differences between these two and honestly... being able to see them debate without someone misquoting one of them on paper, is refreshing. I will watch it again with him because I'm sure I missed a lot (isn't DVR wonderful).

I don't get a lot of visits to my blog for whatever reason... but by 9am this morning I had 45 (which is a lot for me) and almost all were looking for Kissinger's quote. People watched the debates and wanted to know if it was true. The funny thing was that some were from Finland, Quebec and the USDOJ (haha). Anyway... people listened and went out and found out the truth.

Your son is more intelligent and mature than 99.99999999999% of any Liberal and Progressive adult out there.

I don't have DVR, just a VCR. I don't record or tape much of anything anymore. I used to be a heavy taper.

Heh, more hits from the DOJ? That's funny! They must like what you write! That's fantastic. You just keep telling it the way it is.
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