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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate Is On

The first of the Presidential Debates between Republican Candidate and demonstrator of leadership John McCain - a war hero and POW - versus the Democrat Candidate, the unqualified, inexperienced, questionable U.S. Citizenship, Big Government-adovcating and stater of "his Muslim Faith" Barack Hussein Obama, Junior begins tonight at 9PM Eastern and 8PM Central Time.

Here's some of what I expect we'll see tonight:

* Barack Hussein Obama, Junior will feign Patriotism and prominently wear his U.S. Flag lapel pin.
* Obama will try to portray himself as an average American, but it will come off as the pompous, phony fraud that he is.
* Obama will not only flip-flop on his previous statements and positions, he will flip-flop and reverse himself several times during the debate.
* Obama will pretend to pass himself off as an America-first type of person, but we know he's really a New World Order/Globalist politician.

* Obama will stammer, hmmmm and haaaaa and uh-uh-uh all over the place since he will be without a teleprompter.
* John McCain will come across as the statesman that he is. (And no, I haven't changed my mind one bit on sitting this election out, but I can recognize someone who's real compared to the candidate being controlled and manipulated by the George Soros György Schwartz puppet master).
* McCain will have done his homework and make Obama look like the neophyte that he is.
* Obama will grin with self-satisfaction at what he thinks is a "zinger" directed at McCain, but McCain will respond with a one-liner that puts Obama squarely in his place.


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btw, for all those who may ask:

That's a pic of the King of Cartoons. A regular character on "Pee Wee's Playhouse."

His regular line was, "Let the cartoon (pause) begin." And then PWP would run a old or vintage cartoon.
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