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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama Bombs The Bailout

I Pledge Allegiance To The Liberal Politburo, for which it stands...

I'm surprised that so many Big Government Liberals and Progressives are against the $700 Billion Dollar Wall Street Bailout. Why so against it, Libs and Progs? This is the political group that advocates bigger government which is why they support Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

I love the Liberals and Progressives who have the arrogance and audacity to write that, "I'm rich and we should be paying more in taxes," but they only want to give up their money and pay more in taxes when a Democrat tells them to do this. As I've written before, these are the biggest cheapskates on the face of the earth. One of these folks is on my blogroll, believe it or not, but I won't name the person or the blog. This is someone who actually used to be more objective (or was faking it), but as this presidential campaign continues, the writer has jumped off the diving board and now swims in an Olympic-size pool of bitterness. Why attempt objectivity when blind allegiance to Liberalism requires no thought and no brain power?

Anyone can write a check to the Federal Government in excess of the taxes they owe and contribute to the deficit, but the wealthy Libs and Progs don't do this. Last year the Internal Revenue Service received less than $3 Million dollars in voluntary revenue - "donations", really - above and beyond the tax receipts. The wealthy Libs and Progs aren't writing a check to the government for what they call our "universal goodwill" or "our investment." I told you these people are the cheapest tightwads on the face of the earth.

Why aren't you giving up your own money on your own, Libs? Why does it take someone like Obama to tell you that you have to part with your own money, that you have to sacrifice, that you will have to make do with less before you part with some cash? Could it be because you're a miserly cheapskate? You know it is. You're attitude is that if you must part with your money, then everyone else must also be forced to do so. If he were alive today Karl Marx would pat you on the head saying, "good job, good job."

The self-described "wealthy" Liberals will happily write a check when Obama asks them to, but not when President Bush or a Republican asks them? Yeah, wrap the American flag around yourselves and pretend to be a Patriot. Sing "Yankee Doodle Dandy". The only person you're fooling is yourself. Yeah, this group of people know exactly who they are; the most bitter, partisan, angry, hate-filled, mean-spirited, myopic, narrow-minded, fact-denying, propaganda-spewing phonies on the face of the earth.

It is shocking that the Insane Liberal Clown Posse is against this bailout because approving it means a bigger and expanding federal government, something that causes the ILCP to moisten their underpants in orgiastic nipple-tingling glee.

Pork And Bailout And Over-simplistic Greed

Democrat Barney Frank wants to load up the Bailout bill with
millions and millions of dollars of pork for ACORN, the organization that registers non-citizens as Democrat voters! So much for lean, no-nonsense, non-partisan legislation. Where is the outrage directed at Frank? ACORN does not deserve one penny of pork money and NRO has the story on why.

I've read on some Liberal sites the allegation that the Wall Street fiasco was caused by "greed". This the most simplistic and uneducated kneejerk response imaginable. We have educated and degreed economists at opposite ends of the spectrum on whether this bailout will work or not, and pinheads sitting in their parent's basement fire off the accusation that this was caused by "greed". If they mean pure and unadulterated Liberal Greed, then I agree with them in part.

The Democrats have a majority in the U.S. House and Senate. They could - key word "could" - pass the bailout that President George W. Bush and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson seek. But the Dems won't group together and pass this. Why not...why not? This is the key. The answer is that Americans are against passage of this bill by a 10 to 1 ratio.

The only reason that Democrats want Republicans on board on this bailout is if it fails, the Dems can do what they always do...the Three Tenets of Liberalism:

1) Deny...
2) Lie...
3) When things go sour, blame the other guy.

In this case, the Dems would blame Republicans. How on earth can Dems Chris Dodd Dudd, Harry ReidTard, Nanny Pelosi, spBarney spFrank and Cluck Schumer blame John McCain for the failure of bailout talks when McCain said virtually nothing at the Thursday meeting?

1) Deny...
2) Lie...
3) Blame the other guy.

spBarney spFrank and Chris Dodd Dudd

Dems Have The Majority To Pass The Bailout, So Why Don't They?

John McCain temporarily suspends his presidential campaign, demonstrating true leadership and presidential gravitas, travels to D.C. and takes in (absorbs) all the pros and cons over the proposed bailout. Obama doesn't suspend his campaign, reluctantly shows up in D.C. and the entire negotiations collapse. Did you see any of the footage of the meeting? Obama looked like he resented being there and wanted to be anywhere but there, as if this interruption of his campaign was the worst thing that could happen to him.

If Obama has the answers to all domestic and international problems - as he claims he has - then why is he so reticent to offer a solution that will bring both Democrats and Republicans together regarding the bailout?

Obama is just like John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry. Obama says, "he has a plan," but he won't disclose his plan unless he is crowned King of The Country.

Pelosi, Reid, Dudd and the other Dems deferred to Obama as their official bailout spokesman at Thursday's White House conference. Obama failed miserably in articulating reasons why the bailout should be approved. This occurred because Obama didn't have his Little Tykes Teleprompter (thanks, Molson) with him.

There was no agreement among Democrats and Republicans on the bailout before McCain showed up. McCain didn't bungle what Democrats say was a done deal. But let's say he did, let's say McCain is solely responsible for putting the fly in the ointment. Well, then the Liberals who are against this bailout should be happy over this.

We're seeing the Democrats playing The Fear Card and The Crisis Card. The irony is that Speakeress of the House Nanny Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidTard have the votes to pass this bill. They don't need Republicans to vote for the bailout, the Dems have the votes. But the Dems won't do it on their own because they're afraid that if it fails the American public will hold them responsible and accountable. And face it, the last thing Dems want is being held responsible and accountable for their actions. Pathetic, with a capital "P".

The Dem Congress approval rating still remains around 9%. I'm shocked that it's that high.


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Just so you know, I did an eighteen metric ton link dump today on how we got in this mess. I think that you will find it very fun and good natured. Well, in my typically fun and good natured way.

And FYI, everytime you write "spBarney spFrank," Baby Jesus laughs his friggin' butt off.
I'm headin' on over to your place shortly.

Anything I can do to make Baby Jesus laugh will only help me in the afterlife.

Barney has a speech problem that, I think, could be solved if he quite the tea-bagging. (Uh, look it up in UrbanDictiony.com if you don't know what it means).
I do know what that means, and honestly do not need the mental picture of Barney doing the nasty stuff.

Heh. (Chuckle). tea bagging...
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