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Monday, August 25, 2008

Joe Biden, The Death Knell For Obama

The Plagiarist chose The Other Plagiarist for his running mate. How anticlimactic.

Stick a great big fork in the candidacy of Osama Hussein Obama, Junior, the inexperienced, gravitas-lacking, possibly Kenyan-born Muslim, birth-certificate hiding, Affirmative Action Candidate. It's done. The final nail is set in the coffin of Obama's quest for the White House.

Obama picked the walking-talking-gaffe-machine Joe "Chi-Chi-Chi-Chiden" Biden as his VP. You don't think this is the death knell for The Meccachurian candidate? Say it with me..."Vice President Biden."

Biden's own words about Obama: "He's not ready to be president."

Biden's own words: "I would be honored to run [with] John McCain."

JoeBama And Hillary Clinton

Hey - all you Hillary Clinton supporters - how are you feeling knowing that Obama didn't even consider her as a running mate? He didn't even consider her. Hillary won the big states during the primary, Obama didn't. Consider the following six critical items that I read at another site (I didn't bookmark the site and can't recall where I read this so I am sorry not being able to give credit to the writer):

1-Obama outspent Sen. Hillary Clinton by a ratio of 4:1 from March-June 2008.

2-Clinton garnered over 600,000 more votes than Obama during that period.

3-Clinton won more votes in both Texas and Nevada, yet Obama was given more delegates.

4-During the March-June period, the so-called Democratic leadership continued to call for Clinton to drop out of the race, for the sake of "party unity." Clinton still got more votes.

5-Clinton earned more votes than any other candidate seeking nomination for the presidency in American history.

6-Despite the overwhelming support for Clinton, party "leaders" selected Obama.

Clearly, it is Obama who was selected - not elected - as the Democrat candidate. Being "selected, not elected" was a huge issue for the Dems in Election 2000, but now...not so much. This time around the Dems like "selection".

The choice of Biden should rankle and upset supporters of Hillary Clinton because the Liberal Owned Media is telling us that she wasn't even considered by Team Obama as a potential running mate.

Obama The Weak Candidate; Biden Lends Gravitas

How can any Obama Cultist be happy with the pick of Biden when he voted FOR the Iraq War? Obama Cultists' have thoroughly convinced themselves that anyone who voted for the war - including Hillary - are the anti-candidate, but somehow they manage to feign forced joy over the selection of Biden. This is another in a long line of examples of the always-expanding hypocrisy embraced by Obama Cultists. They didn't want Hillary as the president or as the vice-president because she voted for the war. Biden voted the same as Hillary, but Biden received a Free Pass from the rabid Obama Cultists. Oh, this is rich!

The only reason Cultists support Obama is because of his anti-Iraq War stance, yet this is an issue on which he has spun a 180. Obama promised an immediate withdraw from Iraq and this got him the nomination. Then Obama flip-flopped and, in part due to the success of the surge, now says that U.S. Troops are likely to be in Iraq longer than his original promise of Cut and Run.

After the disastrous presidential campaign of anti-war Dennis Kookcinich fizzled, the Pacifist Crowd was desperate for an anti-war candidate. They turned to Obama because they felt they could not trust Hillary Clinton. Yet, for all the posing and posturing of Obama and his anti-war rhetoric - and then his flip-flopping on his immediate cut and run - his Cultists once again find themselves steeped in denial and hypocrisy on the issue. Flip-flop-flip.

While the Obama Cultists claim they don't want a D.C. Insider - hence their reason for supporting the inexperienced and gravitas-lacking Osama Hussein Obama, Junior - most of them are wetting their panties and soiling themselves with glee over the choice of Biden, an almost 40-year D.C. Insider.

Except for a one-year stint with a law firm, Biden has never held a private sector job. He is the ultimate career politician, something which Obama formerly claimed his campaign is not about. Obama has again reversed himself, committing another flip-flop, and selects as his VP the definitive career politician.

Biden is widely known for three things; being a D.C. Insider, having the worst hair plugs in the entire history of hair transplant technology and being a walking talking gaffe machine.

Certainly any Republican or Conservative would have been labeled as a Racist and a Bigot had they described Obama (or any black person) as an "African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy." As compared to what, an "inarticulate, dimwitted, dirty, ugly black guy"? It has to be only a matter of time before Biden utters one of his usual verbal slips and refers to Obama as Macaca.

And why did Biden feel the need to point out that Obama is an "African-American"? Oh, that's right, Lefties can't help themselves from pointing out when someone isn't white. They think that by doing this it shows their color-blindness, but what it really demonstrates is that Lefties view everything through the prism of skin color.

The Obama Camp and his Cultists are attempting to paint Biden as a "regular Joe", a lunch pail type of guy. This is only slightly accurate. According to a recent column by David Brooks of the New York Times, Biden's "father was rich when he was young - playing polo, cavorting on yachts [driving] luxury cars. But through a series of bad personal and business decisions, he was broke by the time Joe Jr. came along."

If there's one thing Joe Jr. understands, it is spending taxpayer's money until the taxpayer is as broke and as destitute as his father.

Considering The Left is hyperventilating and exaggerating economic woes, it seems the last thing the county needs is a VP who has firsthand knowledge of bad financial and business decisions. On the other hand, this may be nothing more than an example of idiotic Liberal ideology that permits them to believe that a country can spend itself into prosperity.

Obama...the New guy with New vision? Nope. Obama is the typical Liberal politician who secretly knows his candidacy is weak and that he is inexperienced, thus he picks an almost 40-year long entrenched-inside-the Beltway Senator as his running mate; a shining example of Obama's hidden insecurity.

Biden: Ill-Tempered, Big Oil, Sovereign Countries, FISA, Paying Protection Money to Terrorists

Democrats enjoy making an issue out of John McCain's temperament. Joe Biden is hardly a role model of level-headedness. When a Democrat gets "angry", he or she is defended by their base as being "passionate." When a Republican is "passionate", the Dems label it as "anger." Ah, such a dichotomy within the Insane Liberal Clown Posse - how do they do it?

Biden is an angry man, and why shouldn't he be since he's a perennial loser when it comes to running as a presidential candidate? How can he not be angry after being rejected time and time again as his party's presidential candidate?

Nothing illustrates Biden's anger, insecurity and inferiority complex more than his 1987 presidential campaign in Claremont, New Hampshire telling a supporter that, "I have a much higher IQ than you do." There's nothing quite like telling a supporter that they're not as smart as you. There's nothing quite like the haughtiness, arrogance, smugness and condescension emanating from Liberals like Biden.

Biden, as a presidential candidate, is one of many Democrats who received campaign contributions from wealthy Texas oil man Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. Wyatt, who was indicted in 2005 for paying millions of kickbacks to Saddam Hussein. It's amazing how Democrats bury their heads in denial when it comes to their own politicians receiving money from Big Oil.

Biden received campaign contributions from Big Oil's John Catsimatidis.

Regarding the Military, Biden - who has no Military experience - had the audacity to admonish General David Petraeus: "I think [Petraeus is] dead, flat wrong, " - Joe Biden, September 9, 2007. I guess Obama wants a running mate who is as steeped in denial and removed from facts as he is since neither of them expected or wanted the surge to be successful.

Biden is also at odds with Obama with regard to Pakistan, a sovereign country, which Obama said he is willing to invade:

Obama, the inexperienced U.S. Democrat Senator from Illinois is coming under heavy fire - mostly from his own party - for his poorly thought-out strategy of invading Pakistan.

Democrat and presidential (un)hopeful Joe Biden said you don't "invade a sovereign country."

Biden is at odds with Obama on FISA. Obama voted for the most recent FISA bill, one no different than was criticized by Democrats when Republicans voted for it because they said it allowed "the illegal wiretapping and spying on Americans."

It was only a year ago that Biden voted against the same type of FISA bill that Obama now supports.

Biden, as a presidential candidate in 2007 said that
signing on to NAFTA was a bad idea and that he would work to undo it. That's funny, because he supported it and voted for its passage during the Clinton Administration.

Biden, in 2007, said that South Carolina shouldn't be flying the Confederate Flag from statehouse grounds. So much for states' rights under Dems like Biden, who want the Federal Government to be the Uber Nanny of every facet of our lives, controlling what states can and cannot do, controlling what states can or cannot display.

Growing and expanding the Federal Government under Democrats is good; doing the same under Republicans is bad. As always, just when I thought Liberals couldn't reach any higher degree of hypocrisy they once again set the bar even higher.

Biden's answer to September 11 was to give a no-strings-attached $200 million dollars to Iran to show them that we're not a country of bad people. That's an odd solution proffered by someone who claims to have such a high IQ because Iranians aren't Arabs, they are Persians. One would think that someone with such a high IQ would know the difference between Arabs and Persians - or recognizing that Iran didn't attack us on September 11 - but not Joe Biden. He's always happy to give away American's hard-earned money.

Biden's response and solution to terrorism is paying protection money to terrorists. This is his foreign policy...payoff terrorists in the hope they won't hurt you.

Biden: Carve Iraq Into Three Countries

Biden's solution to Iraq was to partition it into three countries. Yeah, dividing up a country (or creating a new one - think Israel) has historically worked so well.

Has the partitioning of the former Yugoslavia improved matters? Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, anyone?

How about the partitioning of India and Pakistan? And East Pakistan and West Pakistan? Bangladesh, anyone?

How about partitioning Transjordan (formerly part of the Mesopotamia region), from which part of Iraq was created? Oh yeah, it's been delightfully peaceful in the entire region since that happened.

Ireland partitioned into Northern and Southern regions hasn't helped matters any and many would say it is far worse.

America's own Civil War - partitioning the United States would have been a disaster.

Yet Biden's solution to Iraq is to split it up, ignoring the wisdom of Abraham Lincoln's, "a house divided against itself cannot stand."

Does Biden's foreign policy help you sleep better at night? Does it make you feel safer, more secure? The universal answer for anyone with the slightest degree of objectivity is a resounding "no."

Other Biden Baggage:

Other baggage Biden brings with him is that his son, Hunter, is a LOBBYIST!

Joe Biden has received over $200,000 in campaign donations from the credit card issuer MBNA, a Delaware-based company. He also received nearly $200,000 from Richard Scruggs, the Mississippi lawyer involved at the top of a bribery investigation.

Biden's Brain Aneurysms; Is He Healthy Enough To Be VP?

Is Biden healthy enough to be a heartbeat away from the presidency? He's suffered two brain aneurysms. He turns 66 on November 20th, and if Democrats want to make McCain's age an issue it certainly isn't out of the question to raise issues about Biden - only 7 years younger than McCain - and his health problems.

Biden was given only a 30 percent change of pulling through, and he did. But what does this mean today? Those brain blood vessels could rupture at any time. We don't know if he's fit or healthy enough to serve as the VP. On Saturday he referred to "Barack America"; is that a slip of the tongue or the result of brain damage from his aneurysms? We don't know.

Has Biden released his medical files? I don't think so, and neither has Obama. What Obama did release was his over-one-year-old medical report. No one knows anything about the health of Obama who is basically playing the same secrecy card about his health as did Bill Clinton, who never released his medical records to the public. Could Obama still be using crack cocaine? Could be - we don't know because he refuses to release his current medical records. Why such secrecy if he has nothing to hide?


The teaming of Obama and Biden represents an amalgamated monster of two empty suits, of two pacifists, of two terrorist appeasers. They are two Uber-Liberals who believe that a Nanny Government is the best kind of government. Both believe that government is the solution to all problems. Both believe in Blaming America First. Both believe that higher taxes and a redistribution of wealth is the answer. Both believe that growing the size of government at all levels is what's best for the electorate.

Obama picked Biden as his running mate because he needs gravitas. Obama - for all his false claims of a new political direction - selected the ultimate D.C. Insider as his running mate. Obama picked a losing perennial former presidential candidate as his VP in order to bring street cred to his campaign.

There's nothing new about Obama's candidacy or campaign. He has pulled out the same, tired, hackneyed pages from the failed Democrat playbook of years' past - only he has put a new cover on the same old pages. He's fooling no one except his Cultists who blindly and subjectively follow him as their Pied Piper.

There are now Two Empty Suits on the Democrat Ticket.

Co-written with S.T. Miller


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"And why did Biden feel the need to point out that Obama is an "African-American"? Oh, that's right, Lefties can't help themselves from pointing out when someone isn't white. They think that by doing this it shows their color-blindness, but what it really demonstrates is that Lefties view everything through the prism of skin color."

The reason I notice Obama's skin color is because he and all his helpful friends think I can't see passed it so they point it out again and again and again. It wasn't an issue... it isn't an issue... or maybe... just maybe it IS the issue. Perhaps they want it to be the issue so they can say "see... told you so". It makes me ill how people can be so prejudice that they try to hide the truth by making themselves look like the hero of diversity. They aren’t heroes… they’re the racist pigs they point at in the mirror when they practice their hate-generating speech.

Sigh... breathe in... breathe out... "life is good... people are good... we can overcome stupidity". {she chants 10,000 times a day}
Thanks Bug.

I really, REALLY like your take:

"just maybe it IS the issue. Perhaps they want it to be the issue so they can say "see... told you so". It makes me ill how people can be so prejudice that they try to hide the truth by making themselves look like the hero of diversity. They aren’t heroes… they’re the racist pigs"


You always add an excellent take on things!
I don't believe in heroes of diversity... not the way it is now. There will be no end to it so long as there is power to be had by those who go on and on about it. Once people truly "get along"... all those assholes will be useless... as they already are.

Hey... I've been a busy girl posting this month... I guess I took your muse (that is until I saw your posts today). Anyway... I am interested in any thoughts you may have on whichever you may be interested in reading. My latest is shyly entitled "Pelosi's Muskanky Wiener Removal Plot".

Like all things Liberal, they set themselves up as the model to follow. I have a Lib friend (I know friends don't let friends...) Anyway he walks around all smug and self righteous because he drives a hybrid, and tells me that you can't trust people’s self interest. Except his I guess...

I too have a couple very liberal friends. They're not "haters" like so many of today's uber libs, but they are liberals. They too think that mankind...oops, how intolerant of me, I should say humankind (cough, cough, hack hack)....is ruining the planet. I try to steer them towards the facts on this, that we are not killing the planet.

Hey, if your friend can't trust people's self-interest, you need to ask him WHY, THEN, DOES HE TRUST OBAMA!

I hear ya man.

Oh...the word "diversity" makes Liberals secrete a wet spot in their underpants!

I'm heading on over to your place in a bit. See you there!
Glad you were wrong.
Really, Anony - you can predict the future for the next four years? You can accurately say that Biden won't fuck up so bad that both he and Pbama are impeached and their sorry asses tossed out of the Executive Branch?

You're a regular "Know-nothing"asstrodamus, ain't ya?

Bwa ha ha ha ha!
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