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Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama Snubs Landstuhl,
And Now We Know The Real Reason

Barack Hussein Obama, Junior - The Illinois Muslim running for U.S. president - was told he could visit injured U.S. Military Troops at the Landstuhl U.S. military hospital in Germany.

There was one caveat. He couldn't bring the press and his sycophant reporters with him.

So - no press, no lackeys, no coverage - no visit to the Soldiers by Obama. Nice guy this Obama fellow is, huh?

Instead of visiting U.S. Soldiers without his entourage, he went off to the gym. Or went shopping. Or night-clubbing. Or some combination of those. Who knows, who cares.

New York Times columnist David Brooks calls Obama's speeches a, "saccharine show for the rock concert masses, and in Berlin his act jumped the shark."

Heh - Obama jumped the shark. Maybe Obama will attempt a shark jump like Fonzie?

"Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Mrs. Cunningham, come watch me jump the shark."

Brooks ends his column with, "But [Obama's] optimism without reality isn't eloquence. It's Disney."

Obama told another blatant lie while in Europe. He said he is a member of the Senate Banking Committee. His exact words, in talking about a bill that had passed, were: "we passed" just last week tightening sanctions against Iran in the Senate Banking Committee -- "my committee.
" "My committee."

The problem with his statement? It's a shameless - shameless - lie. He's not a member of the Senate Banking Committee, never has been.

Obama. All hype, no substance. A performer worthy of Barnum and Baily's Center Ring, but not a candidate worthy of occupying the White House.

By the way, has anyone seen Obama not wearing the U.S. Flag lapel pin in the last I-don't-know-how-many months? When he wasn't wearing one his excuse was that he doesn't need to wear one to prove his loyalty to his country.

Now, he's never seen without one, likely wearing one on his pajama's if he wear them. And if he doesn't wear them, maybe he's pinning that flag pin directly into his flesh.


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Good Lord, jumping the shark. I haven't heard that in a while. Is that Happy Days episode on You Tube?
Oh yes, it's on You Tube and Hillary Clinton starts it out. Then watch through to the end and Fonzie and Richie talk about Barry Obama, too. Weird.

HA HA HA..."watch through to the end and Fonzie and Richie talk about Barry Obama."

Good stuff TD, good stuff!
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