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Friday, June 13, 2008

The New Bolshevism

Bol·she·vism: the ideology and advocacy of the forcible overthrow of capitalism

We are witnessing the ideological advancement of Bolshevism by U.S Democrats in their tactics of approaching the rising cost of gasoline and the cost of a barrel of oil. Politicians like Democrats Hillary "We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good," Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Cluck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Patrick Leahy and Chris Dodd openly admit their desire is the government seizure of oil and energy company profits.

Waters, D-CA, said as much in the recent Congressional grilling of oil and energy company executives: "...guess what this liberal will be about: socializing…uh…uh," (long pause while Ms. Waters struggled to find a substitute word for socialism). "This liberal will be about, basically, taking over your companies."

Not to be outdone in the department of Government Knows Best, when asked about windfall profits tax on oil companies, Dodd not only advocated it, he enthusiastically promoted the idea confiscating the profits of other industries as well. Business and Media:

    [On CNBC’s June 10 “Squawk Box”] Co-host Joe Kernan called the Connecticut senator on the [windfall profits] idea, asking if he was going to apply the same strategy to other types of businesses. “Are you going to go across industries across the board and decide what Congress thinks is a fair amount of profit and drawing a lines [sic] on what’s fair and what’s not for corporations?”

    Kernan then emphasized the point. “That’s not the way it’s done in this country, senator. It could never be done that way, could it?”

    “Yes, it could be,” Dodd said. “In fact it’s been done that way in the past and particularly when you’re trying to get some relief for people out here when the economy is in a tailspin. We’re about to go into a recession here. This is really causing a tremendous dislocation, not only here, but around the world.”

As if Dodd's ideology would somehow reduce "dislocation" or provide incentives for any industry - after seeing their profits seized - would bother creating jobs and expanding its business model into other areas.

What Waters and Dodd and other Democrats advocate not only does nothing to lower the price of gasoline and oil, it is completely the opposite of the principles of what the Founding Fathers of our country set forth as our system of government.

Ben Stein

I heard
Mr. Ben Stein interviewed on Glenn Beck's Wednesday radio program. Stein said that what we are seeing and hearing from Democrats on the issue of oil and gasoline prices, and the oil company profits, amounts to nothing more than the Democrats, "catering to anger, envy and jealousy." Mr. Stein is exactly right. The Democrats - who claim not to play The Fear Card - are doing just that by appealing to class envy.

Mr. Stein also said that levying more taxes on oil companies means that Congress is taxing the pension and retirement funds of workers and retirees in this industry. Mr. Stein said, "Let the free market work." Mr. Stein called Senator Dodd's CNBC statements, "pure Bolshevism." Again, Mr. Stein is exactly right.

Mr. Beck noted that oil company profits average 8.5% while the hedge fund market averages 87% profit. Mr. Beck further posited why isn't the Democrat Congress going after Chelsea Clinton, former Senator and Presidential Candidate John Edwards and former Vice President Albert Gore, Junior because they all work, or have worked, in the hedge fund sector. Gore now has his very own "green" hedge fund; talk about a conflict of interest solely for his own personal gain and enrichment.

Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose sought answers to the increasing price of oil on his Tuesday, June 10, PBS Television program with notable energy specialists.

Charles Maxwell, Senior Energy Analyst for Weeden and Co.
noted that the U.S. "wasn't doing enough to explore our own resources when we should have."

We became complacent as a nation as the price of oil increased. We became conciliatory with the environmental movement as it continued on a path of fighting and winning in courtrooms against our domestic energy reserves. Big Oil is bad is the slogan and it was sold and bought by the knee-jerk reaction crowd.

Mr. Maxwell supported solutions such as "bringing safe nuclear [power] back," that "nuclear can be safe" and returning to coal because we "will [attain] clean burning coal" technology.

Perhaps the most salient point made by Mr. Maxwell was his statement that oil companies are in a phase of long-term liquidation. He said that there aren't many companies that know how to go about drilling for oil and that have the resources to do it.

Meanwhile, anti-domestic energy Democrats and the environmental movement has - for decades - done everything they can to thwart domestic energy exploration. So as the oil and energy companies met defeat at every turn over the years, they are looking to gradually move away from doing what they do best. When our very own oil and energy companies are no longer in the profession of what they know how to do, who will?

Cambridge Energy Research Associates' James Burkhard and Morgan Stanley's Richard Berner were also guests on the Rose program. Mr. Burkhard said the heyday of ethanol is over. He also noted that there is a scarcity of qualified people and corporations to do what oil companies do. He is correct on all accounts.

Mr. Berner stated that ethanol subsidies should be dropped and instead we should be importing cheaper sugar ethanol from countries producing it.

Ms. Amy Myers Jaffe of Rice University took the position of Global Warming Alarmist, using the phrase "climate change" because the term "global warming" cannot explain the recent cold winter that countries everywhere experienced. "Global warming" also cannot explain the below-average temperatures that much of the world is seeing in a very slow start to summer.

The End of The Road

We are at the end of a street with only two ways to turn, a hard Left or a hard Right. Turning Left means giving more power to Democrats like Dodd, Waters, Obama, Clinton, Schumer, environmentalists and others like them. They are the New Bolsheviks. Their intent is to confiscate the profits of corporations they dislike for no other reason than, in their eyes, those profits are "excessive." It is an agenda of dependence, not one of self-reliance. Putting their agenda into practice does absolutely nothing in reducing the price of oil, gasoline, natural gas or any other fuel. This type of action only serves to further alienate energy companies from doing what they should be doing. It hastens energy companies along their planned path of long-term liquidation.

Turning Right brings us down the road of energy independence and autonomy by using our own reserves of oil, coal and natural gas. Turning Right will bring us reduced prices at the gas pump. While this may take time (what doesn't, witness ethanol, solar energy, etc), it will happen. It will free us from our dependence on imported foreign fuel. Turning Right frightens the Bolsheviks because it diminishes their control, power, domination and manipulation of both individuals and The Free Market.

The message being sent by The New Bolsheviks is that profits earned by industries that they dislike are bad; that these profits are subject to being captured at the whim of Imperialists like Dodd, Clinton, Obama, Schumer and Waters. Government at all levels, whether it leans Left, Center or Right, produces and manufactures nothing. It does nothing to earn a dollar. It does not provide any product or service that can be documented on the profit side of any ledger. It doesn't break even. In fact, whatever government does can almost always be found on the loss side of the balance sheet.

We are at a crossroad that pits Capitalism against Marxism, the Free Market against Totalitarianism under the Democrats. The New Bolsheviks advocate a bigger and expanding government, seeking to usurp the very principles that our Founding Fathers gave us. The New Bolsheviks' goal is to implement total reliance of the individual upon government. This is a regime from which our Founding Fathers revolted against and from which they escaped. How anyone can advocate that we should turn back the clock on what our Founding Fathers worked so hard to give us is not only mind-boggling, it is treasonous to everything for which our Founding Fathers stood for, believed in and bequeathed to us.


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To quote you..."spot on," my friend.

I disagree with your notion of it taking time to reduce the cost at the pump, here’s how I see it: if we announced our intention and willingness to drill, from Washington to the “Big Oil Companies,” oil producing nations would take notice.
Right now they have the ability to get at their oil cheaper than we could because they have their wells tapped all ready, we don’t.

If we announced tomorrow that the restrictions in just one area, say the outer continental shelf (76 Billion barrels of oil, 76,000,000,000) were lifted OPEC would reduce their prices.
Yup. Couldn't have said it better. The Dems are nothing but a bunch of lying, thieving Marxists, Bolsheviks, and enviro-Nazis. Their relentless disinformation campaign will seat these bastards in power and they will set about dutifully stealing the accumulated wealth of the ignorant masses who foolishly think the false message of change will save them from the evil Bushies. What the ignorant masses don't understand is they don't need to be saved from the Bushies, they need to be saved from the Marxists, Bolsheviks, and enviro-Nazis, in other words, the DemocRATS.
Does Obama really smokes cigarettes?

At least he is a good christian as we all know it...

yeah right.


Tym Machine

PS: How are things building up these days for republicans, getting a lot of desaffected Hilary voters, isn't it?
Arc - you have more faith in OPEC than I do. More power to ya for it. On the other hand, they could also look at us drilling and say "lets really f*ck them over and bring supply to a grinding halt," in what would be a "let's show them who's boss" reaction.
Molson, I take from your comment that - and I agree with you - energy independence shouldn't be political, but that's just what the Dems want it to be as you so state. Very astute observation by you, as I expect nothing less from you!
Tym, oh yeah, Obama smokes the cigarettes one after another as far as what I hear.

Not sure how many disaffected Hillary supporters will actually vote for McCain come November.

Me...I still think the next Pres. will be Hillary. She suspended her campaign but never officially announced that her candidacy was no more. The Clintons are like zombies. They never go away.
@molson (great canadian beer btw),

Barack "God damn America" Obama with his racial separatist (here is an oxymoron from someone of mixed bloods) views of his hateful church gets a lot of support amongst neo-nazis racial separatists who sided with leftist extremists against the now infamous war in Irak.

If you encompass them, the leftists (all kinds of them), the racially minded people and muslim brotherhood and those who can't somehow stand anymore the republicans, that makes a lot of potential support for Obama.

No wonder we are still in such a close race.


Tym Machine
@David Drake,

Well, that would be kind of an ackward situation wouldn't it?

So, if my understanding is correct, people will elect Obama but when the sh*t will start to hit the fan, Hilary Clinton will come out as a saviour to save the day for Obama?

Or will she bump him in the meantime.

Personnally, I thought that what I saw on TV was a clear resignation on her behalf. I think there is as much chance this happening than Bush exercizing a veto right on special war measures to start a fight with Iran.
I will most likely vote for McCain this fall, unless Obama is losing by such a wide margin, in which case, I'll stay home.

It's key for those on the right to understand that Obama's hardcore followers WANT for gas prices, food prices, etc. to be high, and they've succeeded in winning over their wealthier synchophants over to this way of thinking. They believe that ALL American foreign and domestic policy, not just that of the neocon variety, are responsible for the root causes of everything from the next solar flare to athlete's foot, and see bankrupting everyone slowly as a means of achieving political power.

McCain has expressed openness toward the global warming hoax, the right uses fear to achieve its goals, but the left uses righteous indignation. The corporatist wing of the Repubs are exploiting the higher prices for profit-which is exactly what for-profit corporations have done since the beginning of time...but the left takes the cake for sheer hypocrisy for decrying the excesses inherent in all of this, while using economic suffering as a weapon against all Americans as a stepping board to promote climate change and its own emerging industry, alternative fuels, etc.

My main beef with all of this is that, IMHO, none of this is new, or in any way "progressive"....each camp has basically stolen the worst pages out of each other's playbook and learned to use it against us, and against American sovereignity.

And, yes, Hillary's being kept on the back burner. There are elements of cooperation between the anti-Obama contingent, and conservatives of the neo-, trad-, and paleo-conservative mindset.

That's why we are watching McCain's pick for veep far more carefully than Barry's.
Tym - I think the Clinton War Machine will bump Obama. You may be familiar with the many Clinton Dead Lists out on the web. If not search the term Clinton Dead List. People get close to the Clintons and then they die...oops, commit "suicide."

And its possible she re-enters if some news comes out so bad about Obama that the Dems decide he has no chance in Nov.

I guess anything can happen.

none of this is new, or in any way "progressive"

yeah, I don't disagree with that at all.

oh, the only subclass you forgot to mention with neo-, trad-, and paleo-conservative is "crypto-Liberals". Heh. Just joking, Hash.
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