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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maurer’s Parkside Lounge Has Its Last Call

Anti-Smoking Nazis Jeanne Weigum and Brittany McFadden

The story title
: “Last call, for the last time”, by Alex Friedrich

The source: The St. Paul Pioneer Press, February 8, 2008

You know the drill. If this link to the story brings you to a page requiring you to “subscribe for free” before you are allowed to read the story, do a search using the story title, its author and the SPPP or its web site TwinCities[dot]com.

Another long-time neighborhood bar - a fixture in its neighborhood - is forced to close due to a lack of customer base, stemming from the no-smoking ban.

    Maurer’s Parkside Lounge [in East St. Paul] makes its last call Saturday night.


    [Bar] regulars - some of whom have hung out there for more than 40 years - are going to miss it something fierce.

    “It’s a really sad, sad thing,” said 66-year old regular Judy Purcell.

    When the place started as the Wall-Matt Lounge in the mid-1960s, longtime customers say, it had a bandstand and a dance floor where drinkers would groove to hits like “Proud Mary” and even “Tiny Bubbles.”


    The [bar’s] heyday seemed to be in the 1970s, when a radio station named it one of the two best bars in the Twin Cities, and lines of customers waited to get in every Friday and Saturday night.


    [Current owner Tom Maurer] bought the bar in 1992 and opened it as a “Cheers”-style neighborhood bar.


    When Maurer had a stroke about four years ago, his son, Rick, now 46, took over the management.


    Business already had been ebbing, Rick Maurer said, when the smoking ban dealt it a deadly blow, taking away more than a quarter of its clientele.

Another bar, another neighborhood gathering spot, another longtime fixture of St. Paul closing because the No Smoking Nazis are obsessed with control and their pinheaded Social Engineering scheme.

Another private business and private property forced to close because of the No-Smoking Zealots.

Where are all the non-smokers who promised to Belly Up To The Bar? They said they would go out and patronize these establishments if only they didn't have to breathe second-hand smoke. So where are the No Smoking Zealots like Exec Director of the Association for Nonsmoker - Minnesota Jeanne Weigum and hand-puppet, director of Live Smoke Free, Brittany McFatten?

Why aren't they spending their money in the bars and taverns supporting the businesses that they helped force lose a significant part of their customer base? Because they are misers who never had any intention of supporting the places that they're helping to close. They're power-hungry-mad, self-righteous little cretins who never planned on visiting the places they said they would.

Remember the words of St. Paul Kommissar Chris Coleman (above) who, in April 2006, said, “no one is going to go out of business because of the non-smoking laws.” At the time, Coleman's statement preceded the statewide no-smoking ban, it was only applicable to the city of St. Paul.

Remember the words of St. Paul City Councilslob Dave “Toothy Grin” Thune (above), who,in January 2006, speaking about the No-Smoking Ban in bars and restaurants in St. Paul, told bar owners, "I say [to the bar owners] Trust Me." At the time, Thune's statement also preceded the statewide no-smoking ban, it was only applicable to the city of St. Paul. "Trust you"? Only an idiot would trust you, Toothy.

If these bars, taverns and restaurants that are closing because of the No Smoking Nazis were instead, say, Pre-School or Child Care Centers, why - both Coleman and "Toothy Grin" would be calling the closings, "an epidemic;" a "tragedy for the children."

In 2007, Minnesota RINO Governor Tim Hatch Pawlenty signed the statewide no-smoking ban. The result has been bars, restaurants and neighborhood taverns all across the state have closed due to a loss of customers. I'm proud that I did not vote to re-elect Pawlenty in 2006. It is unfortunate he did win a second term. I should have voted for Democrat challenger Mike Hatch, but I voted for a Third Party Candidate. I would have expected Hatch to sign a statewide no-smoking ban, I know what I'm getting with a Democrat. I don't know what the hell to expect with RINO Pawlenty.

The no-smoking zealots are the most selfish, cheap, vindictive, bitter, fallacy-before-fact and hostile group of individuals the world has ever seen. This is why I call them Nazis.

We will continue seeing more bars, taverns and restaurants - some of which like Maurer’s Parkside Lounge have been a neighborhood gathering spot for 40, 50 or more years - closing because of the noxious social engineering efforts from the No Smoking Nazis.


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