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Friday, November 09, 2007

Where Are All The Non-Smokers?

Boy, oh boy, those insidious Little Eichmann Non-Smokers sure are a strange group of self-righteous Little Hitlers to try and figure out, aren't they?

The reason that the Militant Non-Smoking crowd didn't hit the town and patronize bars, taverns and restaurants in the past is because - or at least they told us in their anti-smoking propaganda campaign - was that they were being forced, forced mind you, to breathe in evil, vile, unhealthy second-hand smoke if they did venture out of their cocoon of "clean air".

The Militant Non-Smoking crowd said as soon as they were able to breath clean air, damn, they would party like it's 1999.

So...I again have to ask...where are you, Non-Smokers?

At least one bar in near Detroit Lakes, Minnesota - T.F. Boonies - has closed due to the stringent Non-Smoking crowd who enabled their pet cause of no-smoking-anywhere going into effect this past October 1. WCCO News:

    A Detroit Lakes area bar owner is blaming Minnesota's new smoking ban for putting him out of business.

    Kent Tweten said he had owned T.F. Boonies south of Detroit Lakes for only a few months and was working to build a customer base when the statewide smoking ban took effect Oct. 1.

    Tweten said his "happy hours" were growing when the ban hit, but after that his after-work business shrunk to nothing.

    Tweten, a former Moorhead bar owner, said most established bars may be able to hang on -- but he predicts some will have no choice but to close because of the smoking ban.

    On Monday, the state Health Department issued a statement saying that the smoking ban, known officially as the Freedom to Breathe law, was being implemented as anticipated.

    It said the department had notified 31 businesses that they need to do more to comply with the law, but the department said it had not taken any formal enforcement action.

    "We're grateful to Minnesotans for embracing the law and for helping to protect one another from the hazards of secondhand smoke," said Commissioner of Health Dr. Sanne Magnan, in a prepared statement.

    Magnan said the smoking ban would protect Minnesotans from the health risks of secondhand smoke.

I'm sure the the No-Smoking Nazis are pleased with what they are accomplishing, shutting down and closing legitimate businesses and places where members of the community used to gather, socialize, rub elbows, have a beer and - GASP! - a cigarette.

Where are the Non-Smokers? Why aren't they "going out"? They said they would, if only they didn't have to breathe second-hand smoke! Where is wrinkled, cretinous, No-Smoking Nazi Jeanne Weigum - the Queen Bee of Social Engineering and (still?) president of the Association for Nonsmokers – Minnesota - why aren't you out supporting the establishments where you can now visit and "breath clean air" Jeanne? Too cheap to go out for dinner and a drink, Jeanne?

Where's the little group of whining crybabies who said they were forced to stay home because people were allowed to smoke in public-private establishments? Why aren't they bellying up to the bar, filling their lungs with clean air? I could say the reason they're not going out is because they are cheap - cheap, penny-pinching little trolls - who never intended to visit the bars and restaurants they campaigned against in the first place - because of "second-hand smoke" - and this is partly true.

This issue never was about clean air or second-hand cigarette smoke. The Militant Non-Smokers are the new Nazi party, their only concern is social engineering. It's not about cigarette smoke, it never was.

They are obsessed with control; obsessed with putting their ideology above the rights of property owners. They think of themselves as elitists who "know better" and want to tell everyone how to run their lives. They imagine themselves as status level politicians, but they have never won elected office, nor will they. They are losers, miserable in their own lives for whatever reasons, thus their mission is to make everyone else as miserable as they are. They are tyrants - nothing but pissant little tyrants.

Two other bars in the Detroit Lakes area are also rumored to have closed because of a lack of business due to the No-Smoking Nazi's No-Smoking Hitler-esque movement.

Oh, and by the way - there is not one, single study that proves any conclusive link between second-hand smoke and lung cancer. I defy anyone - including Mrs. Hitler Jeanne Weigum to prove otherwise.

The No-Smoking Nazis are a group of evil, disgusting, control-hungry, little Fascists. It's time smokers and those who believe in private property rights fight back against these stomach crawling vermin.


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Well said my friend! I totally agree with everything you have said here. Facist elitists they are! The same law is about to hit here in Portland, Oregon. I know more than a few bar owners who are preparing for the worst. It's a shame....there are plenty of non-smoking establishments around...
Ugh, just makes me sick (sicker than second-hand smoke!)
Thanks Danelle.

The sad part about this whole anti-smoking zealotry is that business owners - at least here in St. Paul/Mpls - were offering to build a WALL between smoking and non-smoking sections, but that STILL wasn't good enough for the Militant non-smokers.

Now, VFW's have closed, bingo halls have closed, bars, nightclubs and resteraunts have closed and CHARITABLE GAMBLING in the places that remain open have nosedived.

We must again ask ourselves: Where are all the non-smokers who claimed they'd go out on the town and spend money if only - if only - they didn't have to breath second hand smoke?

Well, they were lying, weren't they?

Thank you for visiting and commenting.
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