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Monday, October 08, 2007

Kate Parry Says "Buh-Bye"

Kate Parry (pictured above) of the Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune (MRSNKT) penned her final column, "Farewell, with reservations, from the reader's rep", on Sunday as the paper's Reader's Representative/Ombudsman. Ombudswoman? Ombudsperson? OmbudsMarxist?

Kay writes:

    "As I move to another position, editors aren't filling this job. That's not good news for readers."

I want to mention the moments that Kay and her Reader's Rep column were a very special part of my blog.

In August, 2007 Kay penned a self-congratulatory piece on the greatness of the MRSNKT's coverage of the August 1 collapse of the I-35W bridge. "We really went the extra mile in doing what a news organization is supposed to do, we covered the news," is basically what she wrote. "Look at us, we did a great job of covering a tragedy," was the gist of her column. She means they did what they are supposed to do and congratulated themselves on it. Wow - nothing like doing your job and touting it, is there?

In July, 2007, Kay wrote about MRSNKT Publisher and Chief Executive Officer Par Ridder, and what then was the accusation of his taking proprietary corporate data with him to the MRSNKT, in violation of a non-compete clause when he worked at the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The outcome of that case was a ruling against Ridder, banning him from his job at the MRSNKT for one year. Rumor has it the ruling against Publisher and CEO Ridder was applauded by many MRSNKT staffers. I guess the rank and file at the MRSNKT have no love for their leader...make that EX-leader.

In that July, 2007 column, Kay explained to readers about journalistic ethics. Heh - the MRSNKT and journalistic ethics? There's an oxymoron for you. Kay did her best to support the ruling elite at the MRSNKT, but her defense was that she was just "doing her job and following orders," much like Nazis were just "doing their job and following orders."

And in May, 2006, Kay battled the MRSNKT wrinkled, ancient, octogenarian sports writer, Sid "The Pinhead" Hartman, who wrote that a certain state legislator voted no on the Minnesota Twins stadium bill because her only concern was being reelected.

The problem with Hartman's words is that the legislator he was referring to, Jane Ranum, wasn't seeking reelection. She was, in fact, ending her political career to take care of her husband who suffers from a degenerative brain disease. The Pinhead, being the complete anus that he is, refused to admit his mistake or apologize to Mrs. Ranum.

I will give credit to Parry for taking on Hartman - or as I've also referred to him as Sid The Shill. I call him The Shill because he's willing to do the footwork for MN Twins owner billionaire Carl Pohlad and MN ViQueen owner Zigi Wilf. The Shill is a cheerleader for taxpayer money subsidization for stadiums for Pohlad and Wilf. These billionaires can pay for their own stadiums, but why should they when the have The Shill in their pocket?

The Shill willingly and dutifully does their public relations work, using scare tactics to frighten and panic the public that if welfare isn't provided to these billionaire owners then the threat is made that the state might lose the Twins - recall the intimidation tactic of the Twins "contracting" - or the ViQueens.

I don't give a flying flip if the Twins or the ViQueens leave the state. We'd be better off without them. And the MRSNKT would be better off without The Shill. Why is this old, obnoxious, gaseous, fetid man still writing a sports column for the MRSNKT? Isn't it time the MRSNKT give The Shill the boot? Free up the sports section from his column inches and let other, better sports writers do their job.

I'd rather Parry keep her Reader's Rep column and The Shill get the heave-ho.



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