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Monday, August 13, 2007

Kate Parry: Tales Of Star Tribune Greatness

Kate Parry

Kate Parry is the Reader's Rep of the Minneapolis Red Star Communist Manifesto Tribune, the super-duper-uber-Liberal Minneapolis newspaper. In her Sunday, August 12 column "First a scramble, then a very long, sad night" (via preceding link/hypertext), she informs readers of several instances of Star Tribune greatness; how reporters covering a story were immediately redirected to cover the collapse of the I-35W bridge as soon as that news was relayed via police scanners.

She tells us of reporters and employees on their way home who, upon hearing of the bridge tragedy, turned their vehicles around and returned to the Star Tribune offices. By the way, Kate, why so many employees in their own private vehicles when the Star Trib is such an advocate of public transportation and light rail?

She writes of reporters being shocked upon witnessing the calamity of wreckage and carnage of the bridge collapse. It's a good thing she informs readers of this, for we're not intelligent enough to think that could be the case.

A pointless column indeed, touting what a newspaper is supposed to do when a catastrophic event occurs. So employees of the Star Trib did what they are supposed to do when the I-35W Bridge collapsed; they did their jobs and reported the news.

Wow Kate, let's all wallow in your self-congratulatory column. You did what a news organization is supposed to do. I'm impressed...not. What a waste of precious newspaper column inches.

Don't pull a trapezius muscle patting yourself on the back.



""Don't pull a trapezius muscle patting yourself on the back."

Fantastic dude just fantastic.
Gosh aren't these Libs noble...
Benny - Arc:

"Oh - oh - SNAP - there goes that trapezius muscle. Ouch, how it hurts!" said Kate Parry!
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