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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hillary's MrsSatan's Dirty Dirty Money

What is it about the Clinton Crime Family and illegal donations from Chinese "businessmen"... is it an ancient Chinese secret?

MrsSatan claims she will now be vigilant in from who (Hsu?) and where her campaign money comes from :

    As Democratic politicians raced to shed contributions from a wealthy fund-raiser who turned out to be a fugitive from the law, Hillary Clinton said yesterday that her presidential campaign will be more careful about scrutinizing donors.

    Norman Hsu, who has donated large sums to numerous Democrats including Clinton and BarackObama, has been wanted by California authorities for 15 years in connection with a fraud case.

    "We have a vetting process," Clinton said in a telephone interview. "It didn't work on this one instance, apparently, for any of us. There were many, many people receiving his contributions, but nobody knew there was an issue."

    "Obviously, we will increase our vigilance," she added.

    Clinton's campaign said Wednesday that it will give $23,000 it received from Hsu to charity. The money included contributions to Clinton's presidential campaign, her US Senate reelection, and her political action committee.

    Hsu had been scheduled to host a major fund-raiser for Clinton next month.

    Clinton also told the Globe that the campaign would return any of the contributions that Hsu raised from other donors if they turned out to be tainted.

    Clinton acted after the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that Hsu faced an arrest warrant in connection with a 1991 fraud case.

    He agreed to serve three years in prison after pleading no contest to grand theft, but then disappeared.

Hsu has since been arrested:

    Chinese-American businessman Norman Hsu, whose huge donations embarrassed prominent Democrats this week, was arrested Friday in California for a 1992 fraud case, justice officials said.

    Hsu turned himself into police in Redwood City in Silicon Valley near San Francisco and was being held in lieu of two million dollars in bail set in a brief court hearing.

    "Yes Mr. Norman Hsu is in custody, but I can't give you more information about this case," said a spokesperson for Redwood City's district attorney.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Hsu has been considered a fugitive since 1992 after he failed to show up for a hearing on a fraud charge he pleaded guilty to a year earlier.

Now, had Hsu raised money for Republicans, we can only imagine the face time Cluck Schumer would have received in front of the MSM cameras and microphones with Cluck uttering his most famous line, "this calls for an investigation." Funny, that Cluck is - for he is unremarkably absent in rendering his high moral authority on Hsu. I'm sure it's an oversight on Cluck's part, he would never let partisanship get in the way of a legitimate investigation now, would he?

Oh well, I'm sure the presidential pardon is already drawn up just waiting for MrsSatan's
signature as soon as she wins steals the presidential election.



She just can't resist taking money from the Chi-Coms, can she? She IS the Manchurian Candidate!
She made indeed be the Manchurian Candidate.

"Would you like to play a game of solitare?"
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