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Friday, September 14, 2007

Democrats Dirty, Dirty Oil Money Scandal

But - I thought it was only George Bush and Dick Cheney who were the Big Oil Men?

I guess - like everything said by the Left - this turns out to be untrue. Untrue means it's false. False means that it's often a lie. And we all know every time a Liberal speaks they lie.

The New York Times (that would be not FOX News, for you Liberals) ... The New York Times - the Bible of Rhetoric for the Liberals, reports that:

    It was January 2001, the government says, when Oscar S. Wyatt Jr., a Texas oilman, flew to Baghdad and sat down at a conference table with oil officials from Saddam Hussein’s government. The officials had a message for Mr. Wyatt, a major buyer of Iraqi oil: either pay millions of dollars in kickbacks or lose his contracts.

    Mr. Wyatt not only agreed to the deal, the government says. As a prosecutor put it yesterday, “He didn’t even flinch.”


    Mr. Wyatt, 83, has been charged with illegally funneling millions of dollars in what the government calls “dirty money” to Iraq in order to buy Iraqi oil. He is accused of violating American sanctions against Iraq, as well as skirting the rules of the United Nations oil-for-food program, established in 1995, under which Mr. Hussein’s government was allowed to sell oil despite sanctions imposed after its invasion of Kuwait, provided that the profits were used for things like food and medicine for the Iraqi people.


    [Mr. Wyatt] was an adviser to President Kennedy, a close friend of President Johnson, a confidant of Presidents Nixon and Reagan and a supporter of President Clinton, he was “no friend” and “no admirer” of President Bush or his father. Mr. Shargel added that Mr. Wyatt’s role as a “backdoor channel of communication” was “inextricably intertwined” with his many trips to Iraq.

The New York Times reported on August 18, 2007 that:

    ...[Wyatt] pleaded guilty yesterday in New York to federal fraud charges in connection with illegal profits and kickbacks involving the United Nations oil-for-food program in Iraq during Saddam Hussein's rule.

Politico Reports the following:

    Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson and a host of congressional candidates from both parties accepted cash from Oscar S. Wyatt Jr. and his wife, Lynn,since the federal government accused the Texas oilman of paying millions of dollars in kickbacks to Saddam Hussein.

    Wyatt was indicted in 2005 on charges related to illegal payments for oil contracts from the Hussein-led Iraqi government under the United Nations’ oil-for-food program.


    ...inquiries from Politico, Richardson and Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-N.J.) said they would donate the Wyatts’ contributions to charity and return them, respectively, while other recipients are awaiting the outcome of Wyatt’s trial that started this month in New York.


    Political giving is old hat for the Wyatts, a colorful couple known for entertaining at their Houston home, where guests have included the Duchess of York and Liza Minnelli.

    Since the mid-1990s, they’ve cut checks totaling more than $670,000 to national committees and candidates for federal office, including donations to the earlier campaigns of four current presidential candidates in addition to Richardson: Democratic Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Joe Biden of Delaware and Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona and Sam Brownback of Kansas.

    Overall, according to a Politico analysis of Federal Election Commission records, more than 70 percent of the Wyatts’ contributions have gone to Democrats — a pattern that has continued since Oscar Wyatt’s arrest.


    According to his lawyers, Wyatt advised presidents from John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, but he dislikes the Bushes.

Let me recap: Big Dirty Oil in the form of Mr. Wyatt's donations - more than 70 percent of the time - goes to Democrats. To Democrats. Can the Left wrap their wee little brains around this scandal?

Where is Cluck Schumer who, if this story had primarily been about Republicans, would be tripping over his own shoelaces in a rush for a camera and microphone, calling for "an investigation"? Where are you Cluck? Noticeably Absent, as always...as always.

This Wyatt Scandal dwarfs anything done by Jack Abramoff. Will Wyatt receive as much attention from the MSM as did Abramoff? Will Wyatt be the recipient of vile and venomous personal attacks from the Left, the way Abramoff was? Will Wyatt be called a "disgraced lobbyist and campaign fundraiser" in the same manner Abramoff was called? Don't kid yourself.

And all the while the oil-for-food scandal was going on in the 1990s, the Clinton Administration looked the other way. Of course, Liberals will bury their heads deeper into their asses denial, never admitting to themselves that their party is the textbook definition of "corrupt".

And the MSM will go out of its way to not report on this story. Welcome to the New World Order, orchestrated by corrupt Democrats and their willing toadies, the MSM.



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