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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another Clinton White House On The Way

Regular readers know that I rarely make any predictions about the future. However, there is little doubt that the next occupant of the White House will be
Hillary Clinton MrsSatan. Short of dying, nothing will stop this woman from winning stealing the 2008 election. Believe it or not, I've already reconciled myself to this fact of life.

It will be a hellish four years for the United States and our allies while MrsSatan sits her vast and wide butt in the Oral Office. We'll see a return to Socialism like no free country has ever experienced. The ideas of a free market, our personal lives without Big Government influence and market-competitive corporations will be simply a memory.

The uber-Liberal Fringe out there - the ones I affectionately call the Insane Liberal Clown Posse - who foolishly believe that Osama Hussein Obama, John "Sissy" Edwards, Dennis "Elf" Kucinich or any other current Democrat candidate have a chance at winning the nomination are spitting in the wind. Despite her high negatives, nothing is going to stop this power-mad woman from ruling our country from January 2009 to 2013.

Liberals who foolishly believe MrsSatan will have Obama or Edwards as her Vice President are deluded, existing in a pretend world so removed from reality that rational individuals are unable to fathom their mindset. MrsSatan will not tolerate a strong or contrarian VP, she will want - and will get - a weak VP; someone who will be a "yes man" who poses no threat to her. Someone like Bill Richardson, which is why he is currently in the race - for the name recognition factor and nothing else, for surely Richardson does not believe he has a snowball's chance in Hell to actually win the Democrat Candidacy, let alone the White House.

We all know from Bubba's two terms what happens to those who are not "yes men". They end up like Vince Foster committing "suicide" and Ron Brown "dying" in an airplane crash. It's funny that the diseased Liberal Conspiracy-laden brains out there will cook up every type of cover-up or conspiracy imaginable when it comes to Conservatives and Republicans, yet they fully accept - like the good little Liberal Sheeple they are - and never question what is told to them about the deaths of Mr. Foster and Mr. Brown. Cognitive dissonance is something Liberals never have to worry about.

The only counterbalance to her presidency will be if voters return Republicans to a large enough majority in Congress in the '08 election who will offset her Marxist mentality. But the Clinton Crime Family and the Clinton War Machine will rig Congressional elections to usher in fellow Democrat candidates that have been pre-screened by the CCF and CWM who will unanimously, ardently and blindly support her policies.

All of this will be okay though. The country and world suffered for eight years of Bubba and his crooked, corrupt and unscrupulous administration. We should be able to endure eight years of MrsSatan.

I'd like to think that almost any Republican presidential candidate could beat her. And perhaps in a fair and unrigged election that could happen in '08.
If When she wins steals the '08 election, we can be assured of MrsSatan winning stealing a second term in 2012 as well. Come 2016, suffice it to say that Democrat ideology will have thoroughly and completely left such a bad taste in our collective mouth it will usher in - for decades to come - an overwhelming movement back to Conservatism, returning Republicans to the Congress and White House in droves.

So folks, are you ready for a return to the era of Jimmy Carter's one-term presidency? One of high taxes, astronomical interest and mortgage rates and Big Government? Are you ready for the oppressive political landscape we'll have for eight years under the dictatorship of MrsSatan? Unfortunately, there's not any doubt in my mind who will be our next president.


My boyfriend would agree with you 100%. I have a $50 bet with my boyfriend that she will not be elected... I must remain the optimist.


I hope you're both wrong.
If she is elected and makes an end run to overthrow the constitution then the proverbial shit will hit the fan. But there is something else that can stop her and the is the Supreme Court. I am thankful that the conservative base forced Bush into making a couple of pretty good appointments/

But then the sheeple may just follow..shades of Atlas Shrugged. There ain't no John Galt to save us
You got that one right DD. I think it's time to head for the mountains before the Social Democrats (Nazis) seize power and that is where I'm going if I can sell my house. The 'Take Back America' campaign slogan should be enough to convince anyone of their plans. Like America is theirs for the taking anyway. We are about to be served one giant shit sandwich and everyone is going to get to dine. Three years from now everyone will be pining for the good old days of Georgie Bush.
Heil Hillary! Heil Hillary!
Bug - the Clinton Crime Family is going to steal the election. Not a doubt in my mind. I hope I am wrong.
Guy - I'm at the point where it wouldn't bother me one bit if the Republicans stole the election for the White House. Anything to keep her out of the White House. But I'm just convinced the Clinton Crime Family will steal the election. I would love to be wrong on this one.
Molson - "Three years from now everyone will be pining for the good old days of Georgie Bush."

EXACTLY - well, except for the hardcore lunatic lefties. Christ - I bet even Lieberman will vote Republican in the presidential election next year.
ShApe: "Heil the Cuntess" indeed! She is such a cunt.
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