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Sunday, June 03, 2007

JFK Airport Terror Plot Foiled

Catholics , Jews, Lutherans, Scientologists (ahem) - four Muslims linked to plot of bombing JFK Airport and pipeline. Muslims? Muslims? Why, that can't be - they tell us their religion is one of peace, don't they? I'm almost certain there will be an outcry of worldwide condemnation from the many peaceful, law-abiding Muslim Clerics and CAIR, right? Gee, that's funny - I just checked and there's nothing on the CAIR website condemning the JFK plot. Nothing on their Press Release page either. Why, they must be busy fighting for the rights of a Muslim check-out clerk to not be subject of having to scan a sealed, plastic container of bacon.

The plot, which did not go past the planning stages, involved blowing up the airport's fuel tanks and pipeline, justice department officials said; BBC (bolding mine):

    One arrest was in New York and the other two took place in Trinidad. The four men are charged with conspiring to bomb one of the busiest airports in the United States.


    The pipeline serves two other airports in the area - LaGuardia and Newark Liberty.

    The FBI said the alleged plot never got beyond the planning stages and there was no threat to air safety or to the public, but that the group's intentions were never in doubt.

    "One clear signature of this cell was its persistence, they consistently worked to refine their plot," said Mark Mershon of the FBI's New York office.

    "They took extensive measures to seek expert advice, finances and explosives."

Now, how can this happen when Liberals tell us that there is no terrorism, that terrorists don't exist and that if the U.S. would simply stop meddling in the affairs of the Middle East, pull all of our forces out of the Middle East and stop supporting Israel - why, we'd have nothing to fear.

Amazing, simply amazing the lengths the Libs will go to deny these threats, bury their heads like an ostrich for no other reason that to FURTHER LIBERALISM!

And the Lefties tell us there is no terrorism:
October 2006, Liberal Radio Talking Mush-Head Ratty Randi Rhodes: "Terrorism doesn't work if you refuse to be afraid of it." Brilliant philosophy and outlook on terrorism, isn't it?



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