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Monday, May 21, 2007

Jimmy Carter: Worst.President.Ever

Former Democrat President - the Worst.President.Ever - Jimmy Carter is calling the George W. Bush Administration "the worst in history" according to Douglas Brinkley, Carter's presidential biographer. These are rich words coming from the one-term president, presiding over what could be defined as the worst four year period in American history.

Carter is becoming a more bitter and virulent man every day of his life. He's a subservient poodle doing the bidding of, and obeying, the Democrat National Committee. Whatever is asked of him to do on the behalf of partisan politics he is only too happy to comply. Whether it's trashing any ideology that doesn't fit with Pure Liberalism, siding with Palestinian terrorists or bestowing legitimacy to the rigged "elections" of world dictators with his Carter Center, Jimmy is more than willing to allow his puppet strings be pulled and manipulated for the sole reason of rank partisanship.

Let's review the highlights of Carter's sickly and suffocating four year presidency:
The On-Line Encyclopaedia Britannica states:

* that during the Carter Administration the inflation rate climbed higher each year he was in office, rising from 6 percent in 1976 to more than 12 percent by 1980

* the unemployment rate remained high at 7.5 percent

* interest rates reached a high of 20 percent or more twice during 1980

As if the above three items wouldn't economically cripple a nation by themselves, the U.S. experienced a horrendous energy crisis that Carter was incapable and impotent of resolving. Raise your hand and yell "Whoooo-Hoooo" if you want to return to the Carter-Mondale era of cars stacked in long lines outside of gas stations and setting your home thermostat to 65 degrees.

And let's not forget that the U.S., for its first time in history - under Carter - demonstrated and displayed weakness to the world by failing to effectively resolve the hostage crisis in Tehran. We're still paying a price today for Carter's dreadful and feeble foreign policies. Carter's disastrous attempt to rescue the hostages via his botched plan, Operation Eagle Claw, only underscores his abysmal failure as Commander In Chief.

So ineffectual was Carter in handling the hostage crisis, that the hostages were released when Ronald Regan took office. Allegations that the Reagan campaign had secretly negotiated with Iran not to release the hostages until after the election was investigated by a congressional subcommittee - a Democrat majority at the time - and never proven. No witnesses were ever found to substantiate the allegations that Reagan has any "secret deal" with Iran.

Let's look at The Misery Index - the inflation rate plus the unemployment rate - as rated by president, especially Carter's single, four year term (note: the higher the number, the higher the degree of misery):

* Carter's Misery Index scores a 16.27.

* George W. Bush's Misery Index for his term to date is 7.96, well below half that of Carter.

Other failures of the Carter-Mondale Administration run as lengthy as a paper roll print-out of an auditor's calculator. These are but a few of Carter's transgressions:

* in his first month in office he cut the Defense Budget by $6 Billion dollars

* he unilaterally removed all nuclear weapons and reduced U.S. Troop levels in South Korea

* he canceled the the B-1 bomber program, further weakening the U.S. Military

* he reinstated the draft

* his SALT (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks) One and Two treaties served only to weaken U.S. defense

* Carter's National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that the United States began
sending aid to anti-Soviet Afghan Islamist factions on July 3, 1979 (even then Carter was a sympathetic ally of Islamofascists)

* Carter and Brzezinski started a $40 billion covert program of training Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan and Afghanistan

* he single-handedly ruined our relationship with Iran, a U.S. ally since World War II thereby
allowing Iran's maturation into the world threat that it is today

* he refused to allow American athletes to participate in the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics

* he increased the payroll tax for Social Security

* the prime lending rate hit 21.5% in December 1980, the highest rate in U.S. history under any

Finally, I would be remiss not to mention that on April 20, 1979, Carter was attacked by... a rabbit. Even rabbits knew that Carter was a weak, fragile and cowardly man who wouldn't fight back and defend himself.

So, Jimmy...Bush is "the worst in history"? Try looking long and hard in the next mirror that you pass by and you just may just see whose administration and presidency is the real failure and embarrassment.


Additional Reading:
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Informational Sources:

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Encyclopaedia Britannica On-Line: Jimmy Carter
Wikipedia: Jimmy Carter
Narsil.org: The Killer Rabbit Attack
The Rabbit of Caerbannog

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carter isn't in any position of authority to judge or rate any other presidency. I am a Lib but carter was the worst, i agree.
Carter is a bitter senile old man. He was definetly the worst president ever. But we stood by him as president and did not stab him in the back as he is doing now to Bush. The news is saying he is well respected overseas. Let them run their countries for awhile. They will be begging us to take him back.
I am starting an organization named habitat for the stupid. It is in his honor, and he can be the first resident president.
Thanks "a Lib". Hadn't heard from you in while, thought I scared or pissed you off - heh. I agree with your comment.
thanks for visiting.
Anony - I NEVER get agreeing comments from those that select Anonymous, so this is a first. I pretty sure it is.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.

- I like Habitat for the Stupid, but who's going to explain that to Jimmy?
Jimmy Carter is a national disgrace. Jimmah makes Richard Nixon look like Abe Lincoln.
Carter is hands-down the worst president in my lifetime, certainly of the last 100 years, and you could make a case for the worst presidency ever.

Remember the W.I.N buttons?

55 MPH for no particular reason?

The Malaise speech?

"Lust in my heart"

I remember I was sitting with my father (I was in college, he had been injured so I took time off to help him), and we're sitting there watching TV, and the president had a speech. Jimmy gave speech about the "general malaise in this country". It was so awful, so determinedly bad, my father, who was a reserved soft-spoken man said (and you have to remember the era to appreciate how shocking this was to me)

"What the hell was that all about?"

For my father, that was practically cussing.
Thanks for sharing the story about your dad, Bobby. Good stuff.

I should probably look this up before saying it, but I want to say the WIN buttons were Gerald Ford's idea. I don't think Carter carried over the WIN buttons.
Without question the worst President of my lifetime. At least Bush had a backbone, and years from now I believe his national security policies will be more appreciated than they are now.
Jimmy Carter was the worst president the nation has ever known. The fact that he is labelling someone else the worst is bad comedy. Anyone who remembers those terrible years knows the USA reached its nadir during the one-term - yet somehow interminable - Carter era.
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