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Monday, January 22, 2007

Mondale The Great!

DemocRAT Walter "Fritz" Mondale took the opportunity to rip into Vice President Dick Cheney over a three day conference at the University of Georgia. Mondale, you may recall, was the ONE TERMS VP for the anti-Semitic, Jew Hating and Terrorist-Loving EX-President Jimmy Carter.

    "I think Cheney has stepped way over the line. I think Cheney's been at the center of cooking up farcical estimate of nation risks, weapons of mass destruction and the 9/11 connection to Iraq."

Once again Jimmy Carter's Vice President talks out of his butt. "I think...", says the failed Democrat Presidential candidate of 1984. Just because you "think something" doesn't make it true, Fritz.

Walter Mondale: Worst. Vice President. Ever!

    Mondale recalled that when he came home to Minnesota after he and Carter lost their 1980 re-election, someone asked him "what on earth [do] you have to be proud of" after a one-term administration considered to be a failure.

    "I answered, 'Well, we told the truth, we obeyed the law and we kept the peace.'" (1)

Nice selective memory loss from the former VP, yes? Let's bury our collective heads in the sand and forget about the Iran hostage situation, double-digit mortgage rates, double-digit interest rates, skyrocketing inflation, skyrocketing unemployment and those glorious hazy-days of summer with cars lined up at gas stations, many of which ran out of gas before customers had a chance to pump a few gallons into their tank.

And let's not forget the most significant failure - second only to the hostage CRISIS - of the Carter-Mondale Administration, the botched rescue mission and helicopter fiasco in Tehran, Operation Eagle Claw, in 1980.

Yeah, Fritzy - you've got so very, very much of which to be proud!

The Carter-Mondale team was a laughing stock, both nationally and internationally, while they were in office. They still are. Old DemocRATS like Mondale never die. The rose-colored glasses they wear just keep turning a darker shade of pink.

1) Quote below photo from the Mondale "Cheney Steps Way Over The Line" from similar story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, available by free subscription.


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