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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Polar Bear Cub Knut Facing Fatwa?

Berlin-Germany - Germany's Berlin Zoo is surrounded with another controversy involving Knut, their adorably charming and delightfully cute polar bear cub who has captivated the world's attention.

Paw prints and claw scratchings made by Knut in his zoo habitat is perceived by many in the militant Islam community as too closely resembling a pictorial representation of the prophet Mohammed. The situation is eerily reminiscent of the harsh criticism and periodic rioting when Danish newspapers published cartoons of the prophet.

Cleric Abu Abu al-Abubu declared fatwas against Knut, saying,"Images of the prophet are prohibited and what Knut drew with his paws and scratchings is clearly an image of Mohammed, peace be upon him. Knut is mocking our religion! The picture is insulting to our religion of peace. We ask that the picture be destroyed. It incites and enrages us!"

The drawing, if one could call it that, is what zoo officials say is nothing more than Knut playing with damp sand and scratching his claws into a combination soft soil and rock wall in his environment. "It's just Knut's random scratching, similar to that of a young child scribbling with crayons," said zookeeper Werner Von Klemperer. He is mystified by allegations of insults to Islam or how anyone could interpret the scratch marks as taking the form of any tangible person, place or thing. "It's a bunch of scratches," said Von Klemperer.

This is not the first time Knut has come under intense criticism. His life so far has a lengthy history:

First animal rights activists called for his death.

Next, Knut was implicated in the death of a panda.

He received a last minute, midnight reprieve from execution by guillotine.

Knut returned to the Berlin Zoo after escaping from a forced and short-lived career as a Las Vegas lounge act in what was a botched polar bear cub-napping masterminded by illusionists Siegfried and Roy.

Now, poor little Knut is surrounded by this latest accusation that he knowingly and deliberately drew an image that is insulting to Islam. "It's a few smudges and claw marks. Frankly, I don't see it," said frequent zoo visitor and fan of Knut, retired auto worker Hank Schmidt. "He's a little polar bear cub. Leave him the fuck alone," said Schmidt.



It is my deeply held belief that little Knut should be allowed to live and grow and eventaully to be released back into the wild. And I pray that one day while being studied by some nutcase environmentalist, Knut kills and eats the moonbat. Go Nature!
you do over the top, like your name calling some liberal radio as the slang for vagina and you wish they'd pile into a plane and die. then you do a post about knut and a farwa, and it well thought out and hilaries illustrating absurdity. Whydon't you stick to the higherbrow stuff. You don;t need to go the other route.
Hi Dane. I agree with your comments completely! Knut has provided much material thus far. He is cute as the dickens. What a wonderful animal.

I think you meant 'fatwa', not "farwa", and thank you, I'm glad you liked the post. I'll even
forgive your other typos considering you got "illustrating absurdity" both correct in spelling and right in terms of a concept, and especially when the "r" and "t" are right next to each other on the keyboard - god knows I have my share of typos!

Thank you for your comment too, it does posit a valuable question, one worthy of asking. so should I give up the infrequent "attitude" or as I referred to it in the post you note, "rage"? is rage never appropriate, because I hear it all the time from the Left.

I don't know why I rant on some of the Libs with such language.

I'll have to ask Dr. Melfi what it means on my next visit.
I enjoy your writing and blog.
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