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Monday, April 09, 2007

Osama Hussein Obama's
Flagrant Ethics Violation

From The Corruption Chronicles:

    Barack Obama, the popular Illinois senator and top Democratic presidential candidate, has evidently violated Congressional ethics rules by using his taxpayer-funded Capitol Hill office for campaign activities.

    Obama apparently met with his chief political and media adviser, David Axelrod, in his Capitol Hill office and a popular web site has posted a color picture of the violation. Congressional rules forbid the use of federal office space for any kind of campaign or political activity.

    Although Obama has made ethics a key issue in his presidential campaign, this isn’t the first time he contradicts his own motto with questionable ethics. Last month he admitted purchasing stocks in obscure companies that donated generously to his senatorial campaign and that he later helped by pushing favorable legislation.

    Obama had no problem taking $10,000 from one of the company’s principal investors although the man is the target of a federal public corruption investigation involving New York’s State Senate majority leader Joseph Bruno.

    Last December, the Illinois senator accepted big campaign contributions from a shady political fundraiser indicted for taking hefty kickbacks on government deals. Obama was also involved in a questionable real estate deal with the Chicago businessman who he still considers a good friend.

    With this long string of questionable ethics, it’s no wonder that Obama thinks nothing of holding—and photographing--political meetings in his Capitol Hill office even if it is against Congressional rules.

Drudge is running A photograph substantiating the meeting.

Whew...good thing it's not a Republican doing this...oh, the catcalls from the Left would be deafening, but oddly, the usual crowd of LeftTards says nothing. Surprisefuckingsurprise!

Where's Cluck Schumer in calling for "an investigation"? I'm certain he'd be doing just that if...if...Osama was a Republican.


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yeah, you can't have a long time friend in your office.

the stupidity of some righties is utterly mind boggling. frothing on the mouth for frothing sake. sheez.
yeah yeah, you're just my amusing little anonymous skirt-wearing troll.

say, have you noticed that most of the time I don't publish your childish writings?

what is it about fudgepackers like you that you think the law shouldn't apply to you and yours, yet you're the very first finger-pointers of blame when someone other than your crowd breaks the law or commits the sin?

What's it like to have your own set of facts and hypocrisy?
no shit. who is this anonymous fucktard? they dont have any idea what they're talking about. Blind allegance to their own party, that's it.
and that was me...EastCoaster. I think i tuyped in the word verification in the name space.
heh - I was wondering what the hell kind of "handle" 'sngoy' was, but what the heck. No prob EC.

I don't let the anony Trolls get to me. Like I said, at best I find them mildly amusing. Most of the time their taking the time to comment goes in vain because I reject from publishing the ranting diatribe of someone too chickenshit to sign a name or handle to their thoughts. Plus, if they are men, they're little skirt-wearing pussifed men, castrated by their mommy, unloved by their daddy, seeking solace by sucking the ancient pink meat barrel and getting their poop chutes banged by their boyfriend.

Whoa, did I just write that shit? Guess so,oh well. Good take on the situation EC.

Oh, and for any of the gay crowd out there who are hyperventilating at what I wrote, I have a very good friend I've known for years, he's gay, and finds what I write a verified riot and he's never offended by what he reads here. So the rest of you can go deep throat popsicles or kielbasas. Or the ancient pink meat barrel.
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