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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Left Exploits The Tillman Family

Another day of a slight Democrat majority in the House of Representatives is another day of the Dems exploiting Military Troops' number of dead and injured and their family members. This time it's the family of U.S. Army Ranger Pat Tillman who was killed in Afghanistan.

Perched in his chair like a vulture, nostrils flaring and slightly salivating at its nascent prey, is California Democrat PigManMoleMan Henry Waxman holding court over the latest egregious example of exploiting Tillmans' the grief in what should be called the Subcommittee on Exploitation. We can call this the Sixth Dog and Pony Show in what is proving to be a rapid series of Dog and Pony Shows since the Dems took office in January.

Lila Lipscomb (who?), yeah, Lila Lipscomb was used, abused, politicized, sensationalized and dumped by the wayside by the Dems when she outlived her usefulness to them. I wonder if the Dems bothered to wave good-bye to her? Cindy Sheehan was once the central and narrow focus of all things Iraq. Now she's on stand-by in the Green Room waiting as a last minute fill-in if a more current and important name fails to show up.

The Tillman family and the U.S. is entitled to an honest and truthful accounting of the circumstances surrounding the death of Pat Tillman. If the initial report of how Mr. Tillman died is wrong, then it must be corrected to reflect what actually happened. If the initial reports were erroneous because of what happens in war zones, then correct it. If the circumstances were deliberately skewed, we need to know who did it that way, why and hold the person(s) responsible.

I don't know the Waxman Inquisition can bring any type of closure to the Tillmans. Waxman is a Grand Manipulator, pushing an anti-War agenda using the Tillman family as his case. Waxman will abuse their grief - and Tillman's death - at some future point as an example of a solid reason why the Democrat Majority in the House must vote to cut the war funding.

You don't think the timing of Democrat Senator Harry Reid saying, "we've already lost the war," is coincidental or happenstance to Waxman's biased treatment of Pat Tillman and his family, do you? Reid calls the Vice President an "attack dog"; this coming from a man whose entire party is compiled of nothing but attack dogs. Rich, very rich.

The Dems just couldn't march in last January after being sworn in and start cutting the war funding. As much as they wanted to do this and appease the Insane Liberal Clown Posse, they realized the severity of political repercussions they would receive if they did so. With each and every Dog and Pony Show, with every "we've lost the war" remark uttered by elected Democrats, the Dems build their case piece by piece to justify cutting the funding in the future.

President George W. Bush has said that General David Petraeus indicates that come the end of September, we should have some type of assessable and measurable idea of progress. (Believe it or not, Bush said this on Tuesday night's Charlie Rose PBS program. I know - I know - hard to believe that Charlie wasn't interviewing Noam Chomsky or Madeleine Albright.)

The Dems can't wait five more months? Why not? Why the rush? Dems are usually the group sitting on their hands delaying any specific response to anything preferring a course of wait-and-see and if something isn't working it's "because we're not spending enough money on it". Why are these two critical components so obviously missing from their attitude on Iraq? It doesn't push forth their agenda of never again becoming the minority party. It doesn't advance the cause of Liberalism. It takes away from them an issue to politicize.

I hope the Tillman family receives the answers they seek, my heart goes out to them. After their chapter is completed, Waxman will move on to another victim, another family and another death to exploit and politicize for no reason other than sustaining the livelihood of his political party..



The Democrats are going to hold hearings on anything they can think of. But on this one, what was the U.S. military thinking in lying about Tillman's death? They must have known the truth would come out eventually. Sure a friendly fire was bad, but please! Get the truth out there and be done with it.

This administration has the worse P.R. staff I've ever seen.

Harry Reid needs to go.
The Tillman family and the U.S. is entitled to an honest and truthful accounting of the circumstances surrounding the death of Pat Tillman. If the initial report of how Mr. Tillman died is wrong, then it must be corrected to reflect what actually happened.

In addition, those in the chain of command who perpetrated this lie upon the American public need to be identified and disciplined. This seems to reach all the way to the SecDef.

I don't know the Waxman Inquisition can bring any type of closure to the Tillmans.

Ms. Tillman said as much. Nothing will bring her son back. But those who cynically used his death to advance their own interests, which he did not agree with, must be identified and punished.

Waxman's biased treatment of Pat Tillman and his family

Why do you suppose they have been BEGGING their congressman (Mike Honda) for three years to do what Mr. Waxman is doing? Why do you suppose they have thanked him so effusively?

You seem to be of the opinion that accountability for the death of tens of thousands of people and the waste and theft of hundreds of bilions of dollars are not important.

Check my link. I'm a US Army veteran, and I'm willing to bet that you have never sacrificed an afternoon of your life in service to your country.

People who like wars as long as other people fight them and pay for them are not worthy of Amercan citizenship.
hi debbie - yeah, getting rid of Reid is a good start and follow his departure with Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Murtha, Waxman and Jim Webb, Kerry and then the rest.

It is unfortunate the Admin doesn't have the press savvy the Clinton PR Machine had and still has. Although I don't know if having that would make the press report any more favorably on them.

thanks for commenting and visiting Debbie.
Repack Rider - I don't quite know where to start with you.

Did I write anywhere on this post that I favor covering what actually happened to Pat Tillman? Did I say I support a cover-up? WHAT EXACTLY is your point?

Despite the fact that the Tillmans deserve to know what happened, you don't DENY that Waxman is grandstanding with his chairmanship of his committe, do you?

As far as punishing someone you reference the "SecDef" - which for that time period would be DONALD RUMSFELD. Is there any inidcation that Robert Gates is responsible? No. So what more do you want to do to Rumsfeld, who is out of the picture?

Just because you say you're a Veteran and because your site says so, doesn't mean a thing to me. That's the cry of every LEFTY out there who claims to be patriotic but against the war. Lame, really really lame. I doubt you have one minute of military service behind you.

"People who like wars as long as other people fight them and pay for them are not worthy of Amercan citizenship.

...you mean like draft dodging Bill Clinton, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Ted Kennedy, Pelosi, Boxer, Weinstein, - NONE of whom have any Military experience who voted for the Kosovo War? You mean folks like those who like wars as long as they don't hvae to fight them - or do you mean a different group of people? Add to that list Vietnam self-fragger John Kerry. Feel free to explain.

One other item. I see you're a big ACLU'er according to your site.

How do you feel about being associated with the ACLU when its Virginia, USA chapter president, Charles Rust-Tierney who was arrested a couple months ago for possessing tons of child porn, including:

"one video in his collection is a recording of the brutal forcible gang rape of three prepubescent Tibetan girls, who could be seen to weep in the videos while restrained with ropes...."


"....Investigators claim Rust-Tierney had video showing, among other things, the sexual torture of infants and toddlers."

Here's a couple links for you reflecting the above info:


you can find more links to more articles on your ACLU buddy at those places.

You're just another POSER in a long line of Liberals who comment here, trying to pass themselves off as patriotic and having served in the military.

Hey, keep payin' those ACLU dues. Ya gotta support all them Liberal Perverts and their lust for children.
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