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Thursday, August 10, 2006


So...anyone hear any good
Robin Williams jokes lately?

*************MORK: "Nanoo Nanoo!"


Those who live in glass bottles shouldn't be in show biz...

Hypocrites... the lot of them. Live and let live... unless you can get a laugh or a million bucks out of it.

I found some of his humor falling back on the old stuff (which I liked), but I'm so disgusted by so many comedians now days because they can't leave politics out of their jokes. Sometimes it's okay... and I don't mind if they tell jokes about one side or the other in most any subject... but when they use them to stab and promote their own... dare I say... agenda; I can't stand it.

I use to laugh my ass off at Margaret Cho... until I got one of her most recent DVDs. It was so one sided that I don't believe I cracked one smile. I turned it off and sent it back with a bad review.

Too bad....
Nanoo Nanoo...and make mine a triple!

I agree with every word you wrote.

Besides, if you can't take "chemical dependency humore" you shouldn't be dishing it out.

Thanks for visiting Yangix.
In very bad taste, Mr. Drake.
Perhaps Anonymous would prefer Absolut Citron?
Robin Williams was funny at one time David. I haven't heard him say anything funny since the 80's.
anonymous - HA! you have no sense of humor.

LOL mrs nesbitt.

Bryan - I agree with you somewhat. I think he's great in "World According To Garp" and "Popeye", and some of his earlier stand up was funny.
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