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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Waking Ned Lamont

Cast of Characters:
Senator Joe Lieberman, Connecticut Incumbent Senator
Ned Lamont, Democratic challenger to Joe Lieberman
Sam Seder, Liberal Talk Radio host and often referred to by me as "Sham Cedar".
Ned Devine, a man that dies after winning the lottery

Ned Devine lives in a small village in Ireland and he wins the lottery. For those who have not seen it, "Waking Ned Devine" is a fantastic movie, one that I can watch repeatedly again and again. And I don't want to give anything away, but Ned wins the lottery. But that's a small part of the story of the movie.

Ned Lamont is in some ways similar to Ned Devine. But unlike Devine, Lamont was born into a family of wealth and riches. Normally the Left calls people like Ned Lamont someone who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth because I'm pretty sure that's what the Left said about George W. Bush:

From Wikipedia:

Where Ned Devine won the lottery, Ned Lamont won life's lottery, inheriting $90-$300 million! Good for him, and I mean that.

But if a conservative fit that description Liberal Talk Radio would be calling him a "Corportist"..."Just another rich Republican who wants to be a senator"..."Just another millionaire who wants to buy himself a senate seat..." - you mean like Mark "Richie Rich" Dayton bought himself a senate seat? Yeah, that's what the Left would be saying if Lamont leaned Right.

From Lamont's own campaign site:

Ned Lamont is the darling choice of the liberal elitist crowd, a democrat who is running against Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman. Lieberman is too friendly and too cozy with President Bush for the liberal elitist crowd.

The Elitist's scorn Lieberman's audacity to depart with the Liberal Politburo Platform, mostly due to Lieberman supporting the Iraq war. So the liberal elite has turned their allegiance to Ned Lamont, waking up his name recognition with his frequent appearance on The Majority Report with co-host Sham Cedar.

Some basic background information on Lamont from Wikipedia:

What happened in 2001, why the lay-offs and downsizing? Has that changed for the better since five years ago?

What does Ned stand for, where does he differ with Lieberman?

according to Ned's own campaign site:

Oh, he's a cut-and-runner! Well, THAT certainly makes him different from Lieberman now, doesn't it. The Defeatist and Pacifist Crowd that finds Lieberman's support of the war so...so...loathsome, so vile, so repugnant and so rapacious, - why the Left just can't support one of their own who stray from the Pacifist Platform. So they toss Lieberman overboard without a lifejacket and sidle up to Lamont. Who needs Republican opponents when you have friends such as those who used to support you and now don't?

Tomorrow: Waking Ned Lamont, Part 2: What Else Does Lamont Stand For And How Are The Lieberman Supporters Being Treated

Waking Ned Lamont, Part 2
Waking Ned Lamont, Part 3


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