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Thursday, July 07, 2005


LPOS©, a term I came up with around fifteen years ago and use frequently.

The mrssatan dictionary defines LPOS as: an acronym for Liberal Piece(s) Of Sh*t.

Pronunciation: spoken as its acronym: El-Pea-Oh-Ess; or the preferred pronunciation: "El-Poss".

Plural: The second word is the defining word of its plural form, using "Piece" or "Pieces", as in Liberal Piece of Sh*t when referring to one, and Liberal Pieces of Sh*t when referring to two or more.

Every Day Use Examples: "George Soros? He's an L-P-O-S." Or: "Diane Whinestein, she's a real El Poss."

Not every democrat is an LPOS.

Who is a LPOS?

Cluck Schumer, Bubba & MrsSatan Clinton, Al "I Invented The Internet" Gore, John "I Have a Plan" Kerry, Jim-mah Kawr-tah, Walter Mondale, Patrick Leahy, Joe Biden, Tom Dasshhole, Nancy Pelosh*t, James Carvile, Eleanor Clift, John Edwards, Ted "Impaired Driving Skills" Kennedy, Dick Turban Durbin, Maxine Waters, Howlin' Screamin' Howie Dean, Flabbius Maximus, Barbara Boxer, Barbra Striesand and the Liberal Liberace Bloggers, are but a few who should give you a good idea of who is a LPOS.

Oh, and of course ... Al Franken. For future reference, Al Franken will be, from now on, forever be referred to in this Blog as the acronym SAW, for "Soiled Anal Wipeage".

Meet: SAW ("Soiled Anal Wipeage")

Yeah, I listen to SAW, the All Time King of Lying Liar Liars of Liar-Dom, and his radio program . I was curious hearing what he'd be talking about today. After a brief mention of the terrorist attack on London, SAW delved into such ultra-uber-important issues as "...abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay," global warming, and the Kyoto Treaty.

And rank comedian that SAW is, he said, referring to the London subway bombings, "...This could have been [done by] G8 leaders who don't want to forgive debt." Whoa-ha-ha! What a comedic gem on a day where people are killed by fanatics. SAW, you are a high ranking LPOS if there ever was one. How'd you rank a measly #37 on Bernard Goldberg's new book "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America"? I expected better of you SAW.

A minor pronunciation correction to you as well, SAW. It's "ArCtic"..."Arc-Tic". Not "Arrrrrrrrrrrrr-tick." Repeat, "ArC...ArC-tic, ArC-Tic."

Those at Guantanamo Bay are not detainees. They are terrorists, suspected terrorists, terrorist allies, a defined enemy combatant, or they have been "vetted" and released, often to turn up again fighting against Iraqi freedom. They are not detainees. I don't care how any of them are treated. I don't care if they're chained in uncomfortable positions for 36 hours at a time and are forced to defecate and urinate on themselves. I don't f***ing care. I don't care if they are urinated or defecated on by others.

Where is the outcry from the LPOS on the treatment of John McCain or James Stockdale when they were POW's? Where is the rage against their captors? Is it supposed to be forgotten just because it happened some forty years ago?

I don't care if the Koran is flushed, peed on, pooped on, or used as toilet paper. Where is the outcry from the LPOS when the Bible is defaced? When people are beheaded in the name of Allah? Where is the ACLU in protecting the religious rights of non-Muslim religion? And Here.

The Kyoto Treaty, give me break. The entire industrialized world and its contaminants pumped into the atmosphere and environment is but a nano-speck of time in its relation to the millions or billions of years the earth is old. Don't tell me that twenty years ago science said we'd be in an ice age by now, and now tell me it's just the opposite. Your "scientific research" of both theories is seriously flawed if you reach such vast and extreme results in a such a short time.

Every day it's the same thing from the LPOS. Piss on (choose one or more) Bush, Cheney, Rove, DeLay, Rusmfeld, Rice, or other recognized conservative opposition. Every day they apply nothing but Broad and Sweeping Generalizations against anyone who disagrees with their political agenda.

Was there ever a bad word spoken about Zell Miller by the LPOS, until he recognized his own party had no ideas, nothing to offer, and was full of hypocrisy?

Tony Blair, another example of the LPOS mentality of "Blair, oh he was just fine as an ally under the do-nothing-coast-along Bubba Administration". Oh, but as an ally of Bush, now Blair is in your cross-hairs as a puppet of Bush. My, what a fair and balanced standard you set and so evenly apply to others as you do yourselves.

Where are the journalists who devote every waking moment to "proving" that Bush is full of BS when it comes to the BS within their own party? "Oh, we're in severe denial of that Dave, you don't think we could really admit hypocrisy in our own party, do you?" Yeah, I guess you're right.

In the last forty five years, I see three distinct periods in time where the image and reputation of the United States was significantly tarnished, each time the president being an LPOS, each time the Left offering nothing as a solution:

1) Lyndon Johnson and his disastrous handling of Vietnam, and the LPOS press coverage sympathizing with the enemy. Who did it take to get us out of this? A Republican, Richard Nixon, God Bless him.

2) Jim-mah Kawr-tah and his disastrous handling of the Iran Hostage crisis. The world saw a weak, a very weak, president, and used it to their advantage and for their agenda and purposes of worldwide terrorism and propaganda. I don't think this country has ever, fully, recovered from that. Who'd it take to get us out of this? A Republican, Ronald Reagan, God Bless him.

We may have regained our reputation, had it not been for...

3) Bubba Clinton. Two terms of coasting, two terms of selling technology to China, two terms of appeasement towards North Korea, two terms of lies, two terms of scandal, two terms of investigations brought on by no one other than the president and his wife themselves, two terms of corruption, two terms of doing nothing to address terrorism, the economy, or our domestic and foreign relations; two terms of "Insert name"-gates, two terms of the media and journalists never questioning Bubba on BS. The list goes on and on. Who'd it take to get us out of these two terms of a complete self indulgent, do nothing administration? A Republican, George W. Bush, God Bless him.

Who votes for the LPOS?

I've voted third party when I haven't liked or believed in the Republican or conservative candidate in state and federal elections. I cannot recall ever voting for a Commiecrat or an LPOS. I consider my political affiliation Independent/Libertarian, and yes, it definitely leans to the right.

Which leads right back to the beginning of this post; the LPOS. They blindly vote for their party platform, no matter what it is in order to sustain their control.

Well, it's obvious they are losing their grasp on control, hence their losing their grasp on sanity and common sense, not that they ever had much of either. It's been trending this way for them since the 1994 House and Senate elections.

Their control means everything to them. Morals, procedure, and law be damned, it's all about the control for the LPOS. This is evidenced by Cluck Schumer's cell phone call where he all but said no matter whom the nominee is for the Supreme Court, the LPOS are going to play balls to the wall politics with it and deny confirmation. To borrow the LPOS expression somewhat, "This is NOT what people elected you to do, Cluck!"

The sincerity of the LPOS crowd is about as deep as
Annie Hall's expression, "La-dee-da, La-dee-da."
© 2005

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