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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Obama's Bank Failures Reach 115

Eleven months and then some, and still no birth certificate.

Breath-taking is the only way to describe it. Breath-taking. Beyond breath-taking.

The number of bank failures in 2009 hit 115. This is happening directly under the watch of the Affirmative Action Prednint Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. The Deal:

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. has closed about 10 banks a month so far this year, but that number is growing. The FDIC closed nine banks this weekend alone -- plus commercial lender CIT Group Inc. (NYSE:CIT) filed for bankruptcy. That brings the total number of banks that have failed this year to 115.


    So far in the last two years only 140 banks have failed. In October, 20 banks failed, and if that pace continues, then it is likely we could reach over 150 failures by the end of the year.

Boy, it's a good thing W. Bush didn't have these record-setting bank failures under his watch. The Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) would have been screaming at the moon like rabid, howling werewolves.

But it's okay with Pbama's Kool-Aid injecting Cultists that banks are failing at a record pace. Obama could drink the blood of a newborn infant on live television and his Cultists would react by saying, "Awwwwwwwww, isn't that cute? Isn't that precious? We just love our Barry!"

The bank failures and closures are what Obama wants to happen. He wants banks to fail. In order for him to usher in his full-blown Fascist Marxism a majority percentage of banks must fail and Capitalism must be destroyed. He's destroying every industry he touches. He possesses a perverse reverse Midas Touch; everything he touches he ruins. This is his plan. No matter what he says, no matter how much he lies through his teeth about rebuilding America and creating jobs and yaddafuckingyaddayadda, he is hell-bent on destroying the country formed by our Founders and the Framers of the Constitution.

Obama Shi*t Sandwiches!
His Cultists describe them as, "Mmmmmmm-Mmmmmm Good!"

You Cultists...you just keep eating Obama's Sh*t Sandwiches. You just love 'em, don't ya?


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Banks? We don't need no stinking banks. We have stimupork.
Nobody goes to your stupid blog; Why don't you work on finally losing your virginity, you fat pathetic blob.
Tell us all who ruined the economy in the first place - Bush and his war to destroy the non existant WMDs in Iraq
Tell us all who ruined the economy in the first place - Bush and his war to destroy the non existant WMDs in Iraq
Thanks right Molson, we can all just wait for The Kenyan to redistribute the wealth and move us all into tent cities. The Liberal Elites will still be living life high on the hog, though. And the Cultists will have them their Shit Sandwiches which they will still be saying to themselves taste like like filet mignon.
Anonymous at 12:02pm November 3.

You are quite the witty one. You must be a paid Pbama staffer who brings along your own kneepads. Am I right?

You sure know how to skewer those who differ with your bent ideology.
Jim aka Anonymous aka Blogger whose profile is not enabled;

Really? It was Bush and his war to destroy the non-existEnt WMDs in Iraq? Really? Gee, I thought it was Bill Clinton and his Crime Family who beat the drum on Iraq and Saddam and WMDS for two years, 1998-2000. Al Gore, Pelosi, Kerry, Hillary - all of them are on record beating the drum of WMDS in Iraq.

What's the objective in Iraq now, under Fearfull leader Barack? What are the benchmarks for Afghanistan?
Yeah that evil Boosh cabal, but now let me see, who was it that ran Citigroup into the ground. An evil Booshie? Or maybe Rubin. You know Robert Rubin from the Clintler administration. The 70th US Treasury Secretary appointed by Boosh... No appointed by Clintler.

And who was that who wrecked Fannie Mae? A Booshie? Noooo. Maybe it was Franklin Delano Raines. You know he was the White House Budget Director under Boosh... Noooo... under Clintler. And why was Raines canned? Oh he cooked the books. No wonder Clintler loved him so.

And who was the Booshie that ran Freddie Mac who improperly deferred $200 million in expenses. Oh wait that was a Leading DemocRATic figure, James A. Johnson who is not a Booshie. He is a big time pal of Obutthead.

Well I could go on, but I don't want to write a novel. The real truth is the DemocRATS accountability is in the financial meltdown is so huge that it could be classified as a vast left wing conspiracy except it is no conspiracy. It is well documented fact. DemocRATS have wrecked this country. The Repubs maybe crooks, but compared to DemocRATs, they are mere petty thieves. It is the DemocRATic Party that is the worlds largest crime syndicate. It has been proven time after time. No one steals more money than DemocRATs. No one. Now lets have some of that sweet anony Leftardic denial.

Keep up the good work DD. Nobody shreds anony Leftardic deniers than you.

You're scaring the Pbama Cultists with facts. Facts! And holy shit, the LiberTards can't and won't accept facts!
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