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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Minnesota Deer Hunting Rifle Season Opener

I'd like to wish all my fellow deer hunters a safe and productive deer hunting opener today, November 7. Well, rifle season opens today, bow season officially opened in September.

Be safe and cautious. And remember, no true hunter and sportsman (and that goes for sportwomen, as well) imbibes in mind-altering substances prior to, or while, they are hunting or in possession of their rifle or sidearm. Save the party favors for the end of the day or when you are certain you are done hunting for the day. Then...hell...let the good times roll!

And because it has become somewhat of an annual event here, for the best results in deer hunting, do not - I repeat, do not - use the John Kerry deer hunting method of, "crawl(ing) around on his stomach, tracking and decoying the deer trying to outsmart them."

Yep. Ole Kerry, self-proclaimed deer hunter says his preferred method is crawling around on the ground, trying to outsmart the deer. Nobody hunts deer this way. Nobody. It's laughable he tries to posture himself off as a regular, ordinary, deer-hunting type of guy.

However, Kerry might...he just might...win a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos against his opponent, any random deer. But I doubt it.

"Is this where I git me a huntin' license?"

Happy Hunting!

Leave a comment letting us know if you bag a huge buck with record-setting, or near-record-setting antler points.


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I bucked a huge bag.
I hear Cheney needs a hunting partner. I wonder if Obutthead is busy?

... And it seems someone neglected to tell Kerry not to douche his ass in doe in heat urine. Oh well at least the bucks enjoyed themselves.
Ah ha ha ha, Modesto. You are a funny butterbutt! You make joke! Ah ha ha ha!

Yeah, hell, Kerry should do something for someone, even if it is the buck population. Douse himself rectally with doe scent. He needs to do something to earn his salary!
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