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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Mean Ol' Meany: The cost of medical care is already increasing due to market reaction to Obama's Rationed and Nationalized Healthcare. And if you can't afford it, well...the Democrats insist that you die.
- - - - -
Michelle Pickles Obama The Dangerous Washerwoman appears to have done away with the uppity J. Crew sweater look and instead has moved to the fashion area of garage and yard sale K-Mart clothing. She's so classy. Brought to you by WizBang!
- - - - -
Don Long at The Shaved Ape dons the HazMat suit once again for some dirty, filthy, virus and bacteria laden research. He's ventured into the sewer of the Liberal Blogosphere and reports on the absurd things he found there. Note to Don: Don't forget to burn the HazMat suit.
- - - - -
David Codrea at The War on Guns finds that air fresheners in cars can be a "windshield obstruction." And there's even a car air freshener that smells like bacon. BACON! Mmmmmmmm....Bacon!
- - - - -
The White Man's "I Have a Dream Speech," brought to you by The Mad Jewess.
- - - - -
Tym Machine brings us up-to-date on Canadian politics. Translation HERE.
- - - - -
Guy K at Charming, Just Charming refers to Nidal Malik Hasan as "A Soldier of Allah." And a terrorist. Right on both counts, Guy.
- - - - -
Oprah "I'm Fat Again" Winfrey wonders if Sarah Palin would invite Levi Johnston to dinner. House of Eratosthenes.
- - - - -
Gribbit's post title says it all: Hasan's Murderous Rampage and his PTSD BS.
- - - - -
The lesson to be learned is this: Instruct your children to NEVER EVER EVER answer questions being asked by school authorities. Say NOTHING! Good advice from Ogre.
- - - - -
Velvet Hammer examines Obama's unintended humor when he spoke of fiscal responsibility. Obama...Fiscal Responsibility! Bwa ha ha. Isn't this like having spBarney spFrank lecture someone on how to pleasure women in bed?
- - - - -
Lettuce Trim is examined at Big Dick's Place. Any you'll never think of lettuce the same again. Or slices of pizza dripping with extra cheese, for that matter. Trust me. Just trust me.
- - - - -
NY-23’s Dede Scozzafava a "victim of a dysfunctional GOP purge"? That's what Nuke says about the WaPo piece shedding crocodile tears for Ms. ScuzzyFuzza.
- - - - -
Clint Heine on the Ivory Tower Hypocrisy on a Millionaire Carbon Guzzling Pop Star. Pop stars need to be carbon guzzlers...they are far more important than the rest of us.
- - - - -
Bloggin' Outloud lobbies to keep the "F" word vulgar and not overused to the point of banality. I'll do my part: "Fuck the fucking fucktard fuckhead FuckLiberals and Fucking Pbama Cultists with fucking shit for fucking brains." Vulgarity. I like it. The "F" word has its rightful place in our lexicon. It needs to be used fucking judiciously, fucking damn it, otherwise it just fucking becomes overused to the point of fucking fuck-worthless losing all fucking meaning. And we fucking can't have that! Fuck!
- - - - -
Cal Tech Gal has a fix for you if your Itunes 9 is acting up.
- - - - -
Retro: The Nose on Your Face with Military Gay Recruitment Posters.
- - - - -
Shining City brings us a fantastic look at Dog's welcoming home and being reunited with Soldiers
via Mental Floss. It's a fantastic collection, not to be missed.


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