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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Happy Belated Twelfth Anniversary to GroovyVic and Mister Groovy!
- - - - -
BugDrivel reflects on Code Pink's Jodie Evans keeping the hatred alive.
- - - - -
Dane Bramage asks what "peace" is it that The Nobel Peace Prize is talking about when they award Barack Hussein Obama a Peace Prize. What peace has Obama brought forth?
- - - - -
Voter Fraud involving ACORN in New Jersey election. Nice Deb.
- - - - -
Mean Ol' Meany asks, "What happened to the American Dream?"
- - - - -
Hooha Wife: "It’s about who is doing what’s right for the country and I don’t think the Republican party has figured that out yet." Spot On!
- - - - -
Nuke Gingrich: Obama Is Hiring! $340,000 per job. Hire me, hire me!
- - - - -
Lady Di reports on John Kerry handing out candy on Halloween and scaring everyone.
- - - - -
Why...is that Madame Secretary of Chicanery Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton sporting a Hitler-esque mustache? Why...I do believe it is. How could I not link to it? At Liberal Utopia.
- - - - -
Cass Sunstein wants to repeal the Second Amendment. The Mad Jewess
- - - - -
Da Lunnun Phogg reportz y'all on da ebonifikashun o' da skoo distric', 'Yo! Translator available to those who need it.
- - - - -
Informed Speculation Thanks God for Joe Lieberman. Ditto that!
- - - - -
Soupy was before my time, but I know who he is and his contribution to television. In many ways, his television program was the Pee Wee Herman show of its time. TC at Leather Penguin notes the passing of Soupy Sales, may he rest in peace.
- - - - -
The Wide Awake Cafe with a tree full of red leaves.
- - - - -
And Molson at Hiking Colorado with a "walking tree."
- - - - -
And a Belated Happy Return to the Blogosphere to Big Dick's Place.

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Hey DD, thanks for the linkage!
all the best,
You're welcome, Nuke, and right back at ya - all the best to you and yours, as well!
I have so many people to thank for this blogworthy award... first there's "myself" who will humbly agree with me and go to the ends of the Earth in my defense. Then there's "I" who really, really thinks I deserve this and has no qualms about letting everyone know. And last but not least, I want to thank that very special red-head "me". Man can she cook.

... thank you David... now we will go check out the other Award winners. Congratulations everyone! Party on, dudes. :o)

word: undream (okay... now how is that even remotely funny)
Ditto my thanks, David. I had to add something to distract from the hideous pantsuit-burqa she's wearing. Plus that Hitlary 'stache seemed a most appropriate accessory... to the crimes against humanity which she and her fellow fascists are coldly perpetrating throughout the Middle East and beyond.
I think Barack Hussein Obama, Junior has hi-jacked Bug's ability to comment considering the narcissistic references to "I," "me," "myself," and again, "I." Heh! Just kidding Bug.

Undream. That sounds like it would be the name of a David Lynch film.
You're welcome, Libsareb aka Liberal Utopia.

I loved the little stache on Madame Chicanery. She is such a Fascist! She certainly hasn't strayed at all from her "we're going to take things away from you," ideology, has she?
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