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Monday, October 05, 2009

Obama's Failures, Satirized on SNL

From this weekend's edition of "Saturday Night Live," a fine take on the myriad of failures of Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior:

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How much you want to bet the leftards will be silent on this one? Well I guess they can always console themselves with another round of lets blame Boosh.
Coming from the left this is very funny stuff.

However, they forgot to mention that US unemployment doubled since Obama took office and that he spent a trillion uselessly on banks and auto makers that is going to fill pockets of the same who stole that money and is going to put inflation up to the roof until US money ressembles more to the one in Zimbabwe with daily 1000% inflation rate.


Molson, Tym,

The sad part about the SNL video is that it isn't even sarite. It's all true. Pbama hasn't done one gotdamn thing about any of the things he promised his Cultists! They love lies and bullshit as long as they are told by one of their false prophets, and they don't come more false that Pbama.
I think they already made a "response" to this satire.

First of all, I don't find the guy remotly resembling. He doesn't even try to sound like him. There was another black comediant who sounded more like him. Where is him!?!

But even so, he is dead on. Odumbo hasn't done anything worth mentioning, apart from the 787 Trillion Porkulus Bill.

We know that President Odumbo Junior is in trouble when even the state run media is catching up to the fact that he hasn't done anything he promissed.

You're right, there was another cast member who I don't think is on SNL anymore who did a better impression of BHO, but I can't think of his name either.

The template of Obama's unaccomplishments is spot on, I agree. The execution of the skit has some room for improvements, I agree.
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