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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obama Disses Dalai Lama;
Kow Tows to China

In a move of egregiously remarkable cowardice, Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior Disses the Dalai Lama. NBC Bay Area News:

    The Washington Post reports that, in a bow (kow-tow?) to China, Obama will not meet with the Dalai Lama when the Tibetan holy leader visits Washington this week. Instead, that meeting has been put off until Obama meets with Chinese President Hu Jintao next month. In one fell swoop, the signal is sent: "Talking about human rights is all well and good, but, well, when your banker says that he wants first dibs on your attention -- what are ya gonna do!?!?"

The Times of India story is a wee bit subtler:

    WASHINGTON: The loud sucking noise you hear? That's President Barack Obama kissing up to the Chinese.

    At least that's what supporters of Dalai Lama would have you believe after the U.S President passed up a meeting with the Tibetan leader in Washington DC this week – ostensibly to not offend Beijing ahead of his (Obama’s) visit to China next month.


    Republicans are pillorying Obama for being a pussycat before the Chinese, and there have been murmurs of disapproval from the Democrats too..

    "We regret that despite escalating human rights violations in Tibet, the White House has chosen not to meet with His Holiness the Dalai Lama...preferring a time that will be less irritating to the Chinese government and after the president’s own trip to China. We are concerned that this time may never come," says Katrina Lantos Swett, whose late father Tom Lantos [Lantos a Democrat. - Drake] led the move to present the Tibetan leader with a Congressional Gold Medal in 2007, awarded by then President Bush at a bipartisan ceremony.


    Obama['s] critics [say], "The Chinese are beginning to dictate what the Obama administration is doing," one Republican lawmaker was quoted as saying. "Do you think the Chinese will respect this? It’s a sign of weakness."

The Cowardly Baby Barry.

Barry only talks tough and threatens our Allies and his fellow Americans. When it comes to facing despotic regimes or real adversaries, his cowardice shines through.


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Nice pic!

listen, Dave, I have been looking for the add-on or whatever is its name that enables us to see our BLogspot statistics. Do you which one is it?

"Do you think the Chinese will respect this? It’s a sign of weakness."

President Odumbo Junior doesn't know that the only lingo dictators, islamo-fascists and related lefties know is the lingo of power.

Peace through strenght!

Odumbo is putting himself to shame.
Big hitter the Lama. No total consciousness for Obonghit though. Some crack maybe. A little meth possibly or both probably.
in other words - NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT INTENDS TO FEED YOU? ...mercury or lead or something like that?
Obama fails in new ways with each passing day.
Since then, Obama has been awarded the Nobel Price, what a bunch of crap!!!

Worth a translation from French to English:


PS: Don't forget to go on Galganov.com and to listen to his broadcast, a real masterpiece!
Obama continues to piss me off.
No biggie. Payback's a bitch.

Unsure what you mean. I have one public tracker (stats, etc). It's at the bottom of the page, the little globe/world image. Extreme Tracking. I have other hidden trackers that are not viewable by the general public, only me. Those are secret.
Thanks Dave!
Heh, Molson...I knew before I clicked the link it was Bill Murray in "Caddy Shack" and his Daili Lama speech. One of the best film clips ever.

No total consciousness for The Kenyan, though. I agree. Only crack and meth.

Mercury, yeah, exactly. Like in those worthless POS CFL lightbulbs. Excellent comment, nanc. Point well stated!

He is a total failure. I wonder if his cultists will ever admit it? Nah. What am I saying?
Thanks for the link Tym. You're writing is always spot on. My bookmarked required reading for later this eve. Am just pressed for time right this moment.
Big Dick is back?

Holy shit almighty! What took ya so long, friend?

Will add you to the blogroll. Gimme a few days. Time is tight right now, just like Michelle Obama's arse.

Damn its good you've returned to the blogosphere. Fantastic.
You're not a covert secret agent working for Obango, are ya Mats? ;)
Hell, no, man. With the sistem of beliefs that I have (Bible cliging, small government, anti-homosexuality, anti-Polanski-pedos, anti-socialism) I don't think President Hussein Junior wants me around!

But thanks for the tips. I have installed one of them in my portuguese creationst blog!
I know Mats, I was jus' teasing ya.

I like the Extreme tracking system. Statcounter is good too. I have a couple others that are hidden as back ups and for whatnot. I can't give away all my secrets. ;-)

Email me, I will offer any assistance I can to you on setting up trackers, hit counters, etc.

I know you are a good man. No offense on the covert thing. I was just messin around. You're ability to see the good in people and forgive is very admirable and respectable.
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