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Monday, October 05, 2009

GM's Saturn Line Pulled off Life Support;
Ford Builds Plant in China

American auto sales returned to their slump funk of pre-Cash For Clunkers days. UPI:

    U.S. auto sales fell back to earth in September with the end of the federal rebate program designed to spur sales and push fuel efficiency.

    The CARS program -- formally the Car Allowance Rebate System, but casually called the "cash for clunkers" program -- propped up sales in July and August. As the program ended, however, manufacturers may well have said "pop goes the weasel."

    "Floor traffic was lousy all month … It was a real post-clunker hangover," said Mark LaNeve, GM's vice president for U.S. sales.

General Government Motors will jettison their once-respected and admired Saturn line. WSJ:

    GM had hoped to sell Saturn to Penske Automotive Group Inc., but the deal collapsed on Wednesday after Penske failed to secure an agreement to have France's Renault SA supply autos for dealers once GM stops building Saturns in about two years.

    Without a buyer for the brand, the Saturn dealer network will cease to exist by October 2010, but many dealerships could close before than.

And Ford recently announced it is building a new assembly plant in Detroit China. APee:

    Ford Motor Co. said Friday it plans to spend $490 million on building a third assembly plant in China, ramping up production to meet surging demand in this fast-growing market as the U.S. automaker expands in Asia.

    The factory, to be built in the central Chinese city of Chongqing, will make the next-generation Focus compact car, which Ford plans to sell globally.


    The new Chongqing facility will initially be able to manufacture 150,000 cars per year, with the capacity to produce 600,000 by 2012 when the plant is at full capacity, the company said.

Well...I guess those are American jobs that Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior and his Fascist Regime couldn't "save."

Did someone say good-paying Union jobs for American workers? No. Sorry. It's low-wage paying jobs created in China.

Viva Marxism! Nothing is going to stop Pbama from destroying America! The UAW must be so proud of their Kenyan!


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The UAW will back Obama anyway out of irresponsibility and crass ignorance.

Besides, propaganda, false hopes and lies are more needed by those maggots than real economic facts and reality checks.
Sounds like bad news for the US auto business and of course Detroit. Hmmmm. What to do? What to do? I know! Let's blame Boosh! Wow. I feel so much better now.

So let me see...

Unemployment getting worse... Blame Boosh.

More banks failing... Blame Boosh.

Wars abroad going poorly... Blame Boosh.

Can't pass anything through Congress despite overwhelming majorities in both houses... Blame Boosh.

Epic Olympics fail... Blame Boosh.

Exploding national debt... Blame Boosh.

Can't do anything but blame Boosh... Blame Boosh.

It's so easy, even a leftard can do it.

Now let's blame Boosh!

I agree. The UAW will back the Fraudy and keep eating his Shit Sandwiches and asking for more. Idiots. Fuck the UAW.

There's a rap song in those lyrics somewhere:

Yo Yo Yo - Blame Booooosh, Blame Booosh. (ka- thump boom, ka-thump boom)

Yo Yo! Blame Boooosh.

I'm gonna have to work on it, although with your creativity you already have the lyrics and music already down, I bet! ;-)
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