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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Comments and Replies Soon

Sorry I haven't had time to update recently.

I'll get to publishing your comments, and responding to them, in the near future.

And to Michael, who sent me an EM regarding the post on the Jew Butter Churn Butt Plug (Prairie Home Communist)...dude, it's a frikkin' joke. If that's all you have to be upset about, life must be pretty good for you. Chill.


UPDATE: I'm working my way backwards (chronologically) on publishing comments and replying. Comments published and replied to on posts that are older (well, within the last couple of weeks) and am working my way current. Be patient. It's just a lack of time on my part these days. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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I see how it is... whatever. :o)

Did you know there are a million David Drakes out there in Internet land? Not that I was looking...

You're probably all of them pretending to be none of them... that split personality is going to be the death of you some day.
Bug...are you stalking me? ;-)

That's okay. I like it when very pretty girls stalk me. No prob with that at all! ;-)
As long as there isn't any of that "love" involved it's all good, eh?

Thing is... once we create blogs it's kind of hard to say "he was stalking me... arrest him". Hello? Make your blog public... what do you expect? This is why I don't publish my "real" name... turns out I'm the only one out there and thus it would be way too easy to "track me down".

Besides... I usually pay good money to be stalked. Even now a few of my "employees" are parked out front.

Hey... is that you David? :o)

Oh... by the way... don't forget to STALK my "other" blog... I still post Ellie pictures there from time to time. She's getting a little chubby lately. Ooops.
You got it Bug, as long as no "love" is involved! (cue laugh track).

Yeah, that is me parked out front. I'm the one with the big...


Ellie...chubby? She must be feasting well these days! Good for her! Probably all that Obama stimulus, huh?
What very large teeth you have...

Dude... you're bombing my email in-box... you must be catching up on some serious posting of comments.

Do you think it's too weird to have more than 1 or 2 blogs? I now have a "random stuff" blog... don't want to muss up my other award winners. LMAO!
I did try to reply to everyone as quickly as possible tonight.

No, I don't think it's weird to have more than one blog. I wish I had time to run more than one. And sometimes it's all I can do to find time to update this one these days.

Sometimes I think life is too short to blog. Other times, I think it's too short NOT to blog. Especially considering the state of the country and world today. I dunno...so much sad stuff going on.
Stop that... you're depressing me. See, this is why I created a "random stuff" blog so I can put... uh... random stuff in it.

Let's see... I've talked about Sushi and Nyotaimori... World of Warcraft... Chinese Fooooood... poetry... email jokes... monkeys... big mistakes on Face Book... tattoos I may want... random, silly stuff. Why? Cause my head will explode if I continue to focus on all this crazy, serious political crap too much.
You're fired! ;-)
By the way, nice tags. lol

"Cause my head will explode if I continue to focus on all this crazy, serious political crap too much."

Yes...me too. Which is why I've been taking some extended breaks lately. That and time constraints. And why I do posts that have nothing to do with current events and politics. And try to regularly insert humor and satire into the serious discussions. If I didn't, my head would explode all over the place. And that would be a mess. And I hate messes.
I'm fired? Okay Mister Trump..I mean Mats. ;-)

You like the tags? Well, thank you. I try to please the majority of my audience.
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