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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

CNN Poll: Half of Americans Disagree With Obama

51 percent of Americans disagree with Barack Hussein Obama, Junior according to a new CNN Poll:

    For the first time since he took over in the White House, Americans don't see eye to eye with President Barack Obama on the important issues, according to a new national poll. But the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey does indicate that a majority approve of how Obama's handling his duties as president.

    According to the poll, which was released Tuesday, 48 percent of people questioned say that they agree with Obama on the issues that matter most to them, with 51 percent saying no. That's a switch from April, when 57 percent said they agreed with the president on important issues, with 41 percent disagreeing.

    "Obama is facing crunch time on a number of controversial issues, from health care to financial regulation to cap and trade to Afghanistan," says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "The fact that most Americans no longer agree with him on important issues makes his task harder."


    "Obama continues to do poorly among senior citizens," says Holland. "Most Americans over the age of 65 disapprove of how he is handling his job as president."


    Most Americans, 56 percent, don't approve of the Norwegian Nobel Committee's decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama, and only a third believe that Obama has done enough to deserve the prize.

Uh...hey...all you Senior Citizens who voted for The Kenyan...how do you feel about your Fraudulent Messyiah now? Now that he wants to cut your benefits, cut your Medicare and reduce your Social Security? Yep, you believed the lies of Hope 'N Change from The Kenyan. You bought his lies hook, line and sinker.

To paraphrase Dr. Melfi, how does that make you feeeeeeeeeeeel ?


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And don't forget that this is CNN...

Let's not forget that the White House said that Fox News were "perspective" not reality.

What a bunch of bullshit from Pbama's communist gang. Those f*ckers are just f*cking up USA like there is no tomorrow and still Fox News are still polite about it.

What those shitters want? What those communist-socialist want????
"please tell me this blog is some kind of elaborate joke"

Bwaaaahahahahaha. Those trollbamas are so GD funny. So what are the trollbamas going to do about Obutthead's plummeting poll numbers? Blame Boosh? Blame Fox News? Blame whitey? Blame all of the above? Bingo! Trollbama's are just too stupid realize how much Obutthead sucks balls.
Needless to say but those 51% of americans are racists!
I have the pleasure of working with MC at my job from time to time and not only did they reduce rates by 9.5% for several DME products so that providers are now starving... they "misplaced" and then "improperly uploaded" our surety bonds into their database. Then, an organization that works for the government (doesn't that sound chipper) started sending letters to our patients informing them that we are not properly bonded and to start looking for another providers.

So do you think the person who made this error will be reprimanded? Oh no... I'm sure he or she will get just as much help as they need to be sure they are productive citizens... NOT!!!

Oh the joys of government health care... praise the great stinky B.O.!
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