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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Biden Butts In

IBD has a fine piece of the consistent blunders of Herr Joe Biden:

    As the commander in Afghanistan tries to get President Obama's attention on troops, it's political players like Vice President Biden who have his ear. Yet the military has a record of success. Biden has only blunders.


    ...Biden recommended fighting only al-Qaida and not the Taliban.

    This might be an acceptable strategy if the battlefield were some place like Copenhagen. But Afghanistan is a failed state where terrorists don't wear badges and nobody calls the cops.


    A warlord can be a Taliban, an al-Qaida member, an opium trafficker or all of the above. Biden's idea, as McChrystal put it bluntly, "won't work."


    Both McChrystal and Petraeus have long records of military success. Biden, by contrast, has been wrong on every war he's had a hand in.

    He opposed the surge in Iraq, insisting instead on dividing Iraq into three warring fiefdoms with unequal distributions of oil.

    He also opposed the Vietnam War, an opposition that led to defeat, a bloodbath of our Vietnamese friends and diminished U.S. global influence.

    In addition, Biden played a role in the flawed 1999 design of Plan Colombia, which at first tried to separate a few of failed-state Colombia's multiple enemies — in this case, drug dealers. But the strategy enabled FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, to grow strong in narcotrafficking as other players dropped off.

    Iraq, Vietnam and Colombia all have implications for the war in Afghanistan. McChrystal's record speaks for itself, while Biden has been wrong time and again. Yet it's McChrystal who gets criticized for taking his recommendations public.

Let's not forget that neither draft-dodger Biden (five deferments allegedly for asthma!) and Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior HAVE NO MILITARY EXPERIENCE AT ALL! NONE. ZIP. NADA. ZERO.

It's a mystery - it is - that The Pbama Cultists and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse haven't started referring to General Stanley McChrystal as...oh...I dunno...Stanley McBetrayUs? I wonder why?

Oh...wait...it's because McChrystal is Pbama's hand-picked chosen. The Cultists and the ICLP will never apply the same standards to their own as they do others.

To quote the U.S. Senate Majority Leader (heh...Leader...) Harry ReidTard, as far as the war in Afghanistan, "We've Lost!"

Bring The Troops Home Now!

No More Blood For Oil!

No More American Imperialism!

End Obama's Illegal Occupation of Afghanistan! And Iraq!

It's not remotely amazing how the above phrases are never spoken these days by those who spoke only those phrases during the Bush Admin.


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End Obonghit's illegal occupation of the White House!
This just in... Biden finally fullfills childhood dream of becoming a human speculum. Barney Frank forcibly evacuates himself with glee.
No shit, Molson. Obagno is illegally occupying the White House.

Biden finally fullfills childhood dream of becoming a human speculum.

Oh fuck, that's one of your funniest lines ever. How do you think of stuff like that? You are far more creative than I can ever hope to be. Fuck. That is a line I will never forget. Not ever. LMAO!
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