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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Terrorists? In New York? This Must Be Obama Playing The Fear Card Trying to Keep Us Scared!

New York homes raided in terrorism case. L.A. Times:

    New York authorities raided several homes in Queens early Monday as part of an effort to dismantle a suspected cell of locally based Islamist militants, law enforcement officials said.

    No one had been arrested in connection with the raids by Monday evening, a senior federal law enforcement official said.

    Local and federal officials said they did not think any specific terrorist plot was disrupted by the action.

    They said officials had been monitoring a small group that reportedly espoused radical ideologies aligned with Al Qaeda and other jihadist groups.

    Suspicious behavior by at least some of the men in the group over the weekend prompted authorities to seek search warrants, officials said. A judge approved the warrants late Sunday for at least three homes and possibly other locations, local and federal officials said.

    The raids, which took place before sunrise, may be related to ongoing surveillance of two suspected extremists in Queens.

    Investigators had been monitoring the two suspects, who reportedly talked about contacts with militant groups in Pakistan and might have traveled there, according to a former anti-terrorism official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case remained open.

Terrorists? In New York? This just can't be. There are no terrorists. Heck, that's what The Left said. The Left said it is America and Americans who are terrorists. The Left said it was the W. Bush and Cheney Admin that are the terrorists. You know...invading a sovereign country, Nation-building, American Imperialism and all that stuff.

Gee, I sure hope the Pbama Administration didn't break or infringe in the slightest way any of the precious civil liberties on these poor, alleged terrorist suspects. I hope they were all read their Miranda Rights, perhaps in Arabic just to make sure they fully understood them.

Playing The Fear Card to keep us scared, yeah, that's what The Left said during the W. Bush Admin. The Left said stories like the above were created and orchestrated only to play on our fears. So the same must apply to the Pbama Admin, right?

Terrorists (not that there are any, mind you) are mothers and fathers too. Besides...isn't it Barry who is perpetuating the Illegal Occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan? Isn't it Barry who is favors placing more and more U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan? Why...he is such a Warmonger...such a Warmonger, isn't he? There's no doubt about it, Barry loves bloodshed, death and destruction.

Taking my cue from The Land of LefTardia, there is only one conclusion to make: all of this is make-believe being fomented by the Corrupt Affirmative Action Prednint Barack Saddam Hussein Obama, Junior and his evil, warmongering, Commie-Fascist Thugs who want to perpetuate fear and who want to keep us scared.

I thought the whole world would love us - wetting and poopying their pants with glee - because a bi-racial Kenyan-born Fraud stole the White House.

You mean the Whole World doesn't love us? Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. That just can't be true.

You know...if we would just pull all of our brave Soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan, all the silly threats of violence from terrorists would stop. Sound familiar?

But now that's it's Warmonger Obama's Wars, and he's doing pretty much the same as his predecessor W. Bush, Barry's gets the Coveted Free Pass from his Pillow-Biting Cultists and the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP).

This is all a play, performed by the worst actors administration in the history of our country and they're only doing this so that they can continue consolidating their power. And the only way they can do this is by keeping us in a state of fear by playing The Fear Card.

The real terrorist is that guy who claims he was born in Hawaii (the stealth Muslim pictured above), who was really born in Kenya. Yep. He's the real terrorist. And his America-hating Commie Administration.


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hehe yeah
President Odumbo must be a scaremonger!!
I can only apply the same standards The Left used during the Bush Admin. Since The Left is never wrong, we can only conclude that Pbama is using this as The Fear Card, right?
So, you that big of a pussy? I'm not scared. Seems like you guys who are so "tough on terrorism" need to toughen up.
Mark Allen,

You are quite the asshat, aren't you? I can tell how objective you are by the short time I spent reviewing your blog(s), especially the pro Democrat one.

You must be on those ultra wealthy Libs that loves spending other peoples' money while you hoard your own like the miserly bastards that you are.

A pussy? No. Not me. Not by a long shot. But morons like you aren't afraid of terrorists, are ya? No, you're afraid of people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Dick Cheney. You're afraid of real Americans who love their country and who want politicians to adhere to the Constitution. You're afraid of allowing Capitalism and freedom and letting people have choices.

People like you are all about controlling and corralling others because you think YOU are the only ones who have the answers. Well, let me tell you something: YOU don't have all the answers.

Grab a .12 gauge shot gun and do the world a favor and go do a "Kurt Cobain", will ya?

You're right on you're blog about music. You ARE OLD. End your life as soon as possible so that freedom loving Americans don't have to tolerate haters like you.

I'll bet you're the biggest pussy in the world, the first one to cry "foul" when you feel someone or something has abridged your precious rights.

DIAF. Look it up if you don't know what it means.
Thin SKin Mark Allen can't stand that Flaming Barry is under fire. Thin skin Mark Allen must attack all those big bad Bible clingers or they'll take us back to the dark ages.

So... since Flaming Barry is going all Dick Cheney on "freedom fighters", do you think he is right in doing it?

I mean, it was wrong for W to do it,right? What about when O does it?

In my opinion, the best thing the uber Liberals can do is exit the planet by doing a "Kurt Cobain," thereby leaving the rest of us in peace.

You watch, Mark Allen won't be back to refute anything or add anything intelligent or germane or be able to support his undying love for Pbama with facts, or use any facts that will show Pbama's policies as working or effective. They just keep throwing shit against the wall hoping some will stick...to use an old phrase.

I'm tired of Liberals. They should all jump off a cliff like lemmings and leave the world to those of us who don't hate humanity.

Whatever W did that was wrong, in the eyes of Libs, is perfectly acceptable now for O to do. It's pure Liberal hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is their specialty.
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