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Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Was Obama-TV!

It was The Barry Show on the Sunday morning news/talking head programs.

Not-So-Slick Barry hit the poli-gabfest TV shows - well, the Barry-friendly programs and hosts like those of ABC, CBS, NBC and, of course, CNN - appearing on "This Weak", "Meet The Depressed," "Mace The Nation," and "Distaste of The Union."

Glaringly missing was The Affirmative Action Prednint Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior appearing on "FOX News Sunday."

Barry doesn't like FOX. He's afraid of them. He thinks they're mean and unfair to him. He doesn't want to be asked tough questions for which he may not have a slick, prepared and teleprompter-ready answer. He doesn't want his plans or policies examined, inspected and analyzed.

He just wants everyone to do what he says. He wants complete obedience and subservience.

Obey! Obey Dear Leader His Excellency!

This is why I call his ardent, devout and fanatical supporters Pbama Pillow-Biting Cultists. This is how Cults and a Cult Leader develop and form. Well...Cult Leaders and despots, of which only a fine line divides them.

Barry pitched his tired, costly ObamaCare Socialized and Rationed Healthcare Propaganda. I didn't watch it.


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Cultists and despots goes so well hand in hand together toward alienation of all freedoms and suppression of indivial rights in the sacred name of the Cult.
Isn't it easy to forget that a person is half white after all?

You need to read Quebecian JF's comment at my post below:


I was chastised by JF who incorrectly called Obama "Black." I corrected him, and yes, Obama is bi-racial. There is a distinction.

Don't think I called JF a fag to be mean. I was just slamming him because he's a pissant lib. I'm cool with gays, was around many of them in college and have gay friends. I don't care who someone sleeps with.

But yeah, check out JF. He is not a good example of the Canadian education system.

I don't know if JF got your web site via the publicity I gave you and if so, I'm sorry in advance. However, it could be something else.

Education has nothing to do with it even though in Quebec these days, it's pretty damn hard to get a good education for your kids. Even the private sector half financed by public funds (seek the mistake here) has its fair share of problems.

Anyhow, Pbama or not, most Quebeckers (probably due to language barrier or what not) and even largely Canadians (due to our so-leftist "canadian" medias that have to ban american channels so canadian channels can get ratings) are ill informed about what's going on in the USA.

Nonetheless, we, as I mentionned before, Canadians are easily offended by the kind of free speech USA got. We had to ban Howard Stern and Limbaulgh and Beck are completely unknowns in Quebec and as mentionned before even in ill-informed left-biased English Canada.


Tym, you needn't apologize for another. I don't know how JF found my blog. Are you familiar with those initial from comments at your blog?

Thanks for the facts on Quebec and presenting the reality of how poorly socialized programs fare in Canada.

That's right, Stern was banned there. I didn't know Limbaugh or Beck were blacklisted too. Wow. Thanks again for presenting the facts, as you always do.
As for Hitler comparison, of course it's not as much as the nationalist-racist issue more than the socialist part that makes the comparison between Hitler and Obama possible.

Although someone who was member of a church openly racist and anti-semite where the reverent Jeremiah Wright was openly stating anti-american slogans like God damn America instead of the God bless America, that makes me think that Obama is not as "raceless" as he pretends to be and is well aware and careful about that particular fact.
As for J.F. knowing about my blog, I obviously cannot be sure. However, I had a Jeff at one point but he was a rightist conservative so I doubt that this could be the same guy although one can never be 100% sure.

Good points on the Hitler comparison. All very valid. Me? I do it because The Left did it for 8 yrs with Bush. And there were plenty of areas where I did not agree with some of Bush's policies. But he didn't warrant being compared to Hitler. I'm just having fun provoking the Left, doing to them what they do to others.

JF was a hoot! He/she/it represents exactly who and how The Left reacts to those who don't inject the Kook-Aid.
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