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Friday, September 25, 2009

Obama's Children of The Corn:
The Indoctrination Continues

Obama's Children of The Corn: The Indoctrination Continues...

The Children of The Corn, who are the Children of Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists, continue submitting themselves to servile brainwashing techniques, thereby producing another generation that believes that their Cult Leader, Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior, is the Messyiah.

Good Little Eichmanns...Hitler...Obama Youths, aren't they?


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This Children of the Corn shit proves what a sick twisted bunch the leftards really are.
Public school is a liberal trash anyway.

This video is the best ad for homeschooling.
My friend Howard Galganov sent me the same video and, of course, I wanted to send it to you but since it's already done, it's going to be a task less to do.

What my friend told me goes like this: "this is going to make you puke".

And it almost did it. However, I think it must have been the cheap cheese macaroni that I bought and ate.

It's been a week since we last got of your news.

Have you died lately or did the feds got you in and locked you up under bogus charges or did USA implemented martial law yet and declared all Pbama opponents as enemy of the state?

Yeah, the transparency is obvious, for once, huh? They make no attempt to hide the brainwashing of the youth. This is how Cults and Despotism begins. And the Left denies this. They love them their Pbama shit sandwiches.

It is a post-child advert for home schooling, isn't it? Yes it is. A fine point you make. I fully agree.

I noticed the original video was yanked and pulled from YouTube and I haven't been on line much, but just replaced the link with one that someone duplicated of the same original video. It's amazing how quickly anti-Obama things get stricken from YouTube these days.

Heh, no I haven't died that I know of...let me check. Nope, still here as far as I can tell. ;-)

No federalis or Martial Law either. Not yet from Dear Leader, anyway. Just time off, or rather, didn't find time during the week to update. Thanks for asking, though. It's nice to know that someone notices. Seriously, thanks.

Don't worry I notice and let me tell you that lots of feds are also noticing lolll....

As for my friend Howard, he and I have cheered to the unsuccess of Pbama in Coppenhagen with his dangerous washerwoman, Michèle and the queen of all media herself, Oprah Winfrey.


Mmmm...mmmm..mmmm Barrack Mein Furher Hussein Obama....equal work means equal pay.

What a bunch of crap. Pbama can't make adults with critical judgement (unlike Pbama cultists and insane liberals) swallow his shit sandwich so he grabs on to kids to make them eat what the rest of USA wouldn't dare to eat.

Only the weaks want to brainwash little kids without critical judgement. How dispicable, how low can one try to shoot to try to score some empty netters?
Tym, I have been ckg out Galganov from time to time. Thanks for letting us know about his blog.

The whole indoctrination thing of Obama and school children is just sickening. It IS legitimately reminiscent of the Hitler youth. Americans and everyone everywhere should be appalled.
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