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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

ObamaCare: Are you feeling blue? Kill yourself. Here Come The Death Panels!

Oh, those wacky Liberals. They''d have you believing that ObamaCare doesn't have Death Panels.

If the Veterans Administration advocates that you end your life, why would ObamaCare be any different? Proof of this is from National Pubic Radio, and well...if we can't believe Radio Free Commies, then who can we believe? NPR:

    If you can't get enough controversy over the government's role in end-of-life planning, there's a new brouhaha. The Department of Veterans Affairs is being criticized for a booklet that aims to help vets come up with a living will.


    The VA booklet, "Your Life, Your Choices," was still available online when we checked this afternoon. One of the controversial parts is a checklist on page 21 that asks people to rate how they would feel about living in a wheelchair, being unable to recognize friends and family, and unable to "shake the blues."

    Jim Towey, a former official in the Bush Administration, called attention to the booklet in a Wall Street Journal editorial last week and again over the weekend on Fox News Sunday. "I think the document is so fundamentally flawed that the VA ought to throw it out," he told Fox's Chris Wallace.

The booklet is indeed still available online and the words remain the same. (pdf)

On page 21, you are asked to answer the following question:

    "What makes your life worth living" by using the following choices:

    Life like this would be:
    * difficult, but acceptable;
    * worth living, but just barely;
    * not worth living (not is underlined, by the way)
    * or, can't answer now.

    a. I can no longer walk but get around in a wheelchair.
    b. I can no longer get outside—I spend all day at home.
    c. I can no longer contribute to my family's well being.
    d. I am in severe pain most of the time.
    e. I have severe discomfort most of the time (such as
    nausea, diarrhea, or shortness of breath).
    f. I rely on a feeding tube to keep me alive.
    g. I rely on a kidney dialysis machine to keep me alive.
    h. I rely on a breathing machine to keep me alive.
    i. I need someone to help take care of me all of time.
    j. I can no longer control my bladder.
    k. I can no longer control my bowels.
    l. I live in a nursing home.
    m. I can no longer think clearly-I am confused all the time.
    n. I can no longer recognize family/friends
    o. I can no longer talk and be understood by others.
    p. My situation causes severe emotional burden for my
    family (such as feeling worried or stressed all the time).
    q. I am a severe financial burden on my family.
    r. I cannot seem to “shake the blues.”
    s. Other (write in):

    Instructions: To help others make sense out of your answers, think about the following questions and be sure to explain your answers to your loved ones and health care providers.

    If you checked "worth living, but just barely" for more than one factor, would a combination of these factors make your life "not worth living?" If so, which factors?

    If you checked "not worth living," does this mean that you would rather die than be kept alive?

    If you checked "can't answer now," what information or people do you need to help you decide?

Gee, I dunno what information would help me to decide. Perhaps a Death Panel?

If the VA is pushing for death "opt-out of life" as a viable choice, why on earth would anyone think Dear Leader His Excellency Barack Hussein Obama, Junior - champion of leaving babies to die and "take a pill, go home and die," medical treatment - and his ObamaCare aren't out to kill those they consider useless eaters?

The Liberal Culture of Death goes on and on, it never ends.

And...Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy is still dead, which is why (if you have your speakers turned on and up) you're still hearing his audio. The worms are feasting upon Ted's bloated body as his soul rots and burns in Hell.


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Who knows maybe having incontinent leftards offing themselves isn't that bad an idea after all. Hey Olberdouche, you listening?
Hey David, it's been awhile hasn't it? Have you heard about this Garrido character who kidnapped this girl and held her for 18 years? It's sick.
As usual, your wit is fantastic :)
The Mad Jewess
Molson, I was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to make the post any lengthier than it was by mentioning the Incontinent One. That's too funny that you thought the same thing. Hah! We are so much on the same wavelength so often!

Where you been? Last time I ck'd your blog you hadn't updated in months.

Yeah, I heard about the story your referenced. Haven't had time to write anything on it. Having way too much fun taunting the Pbama Cultists and rejoicing in Fat Ted Tumor Head Kennedy's death. Rejoice! Rejoice! He's dead. He can't kill anyone anymore. Yay!
Thanks you TMJ. That is mighty high praise coming from someone whose wit is always Spot On!
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