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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Nanny Pelosi Gets In a D.C. Taxi...

So far, I have found zero on this story, so if you know of a link to it on the web, leave a comment.

I heard this on a local radio station last Friday. It was reported by Hollywood reporter Mike Evans.

Supposedly, Speakeress of The House Nancy Nanny Nazi Pelosi hailed a cab in D.C. The place she was going was only four blocks away. The cab driver, a Somali man, asked her if she was from the area.

Pelosi responded with, "Don't you know who I am?"

The taxi driver said no. She identified herself by name and the cab driver replied, "do you work for the cab company?"

Upon dropping off her HighnASS - a five dollar fare - she literally threw a $20-dollar bill into the front seat and stormed off in a huff.

Yeah...she can identify with "the Little People." What a bitch.


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The Somali cab driver knew who she was. He knew she was a fecking c*nt that should be beaten into submission as is the custom back in his home country. At least he got a good tip.
The way I heard the story was.... that she had sex with the cab driver and 3 of his Somalian friends. Then she left 2,000 bucks for them to get medication for a highly resistant strain of Gono she infected them with. One of the Somalian's said that it wasn't all that bad because she had so much botox in her it was like f..kin' a mannequin, apparently the hard part was keeping the Obama mask on during the whole thing.....on her not them....
So Nancy Pelosi getting snippy with a cab driver qualifies her to be a Nazi? Wow...who knew the line between normal and fascist was so narrow?

Hey...I never thought of that...being how Nanny would be treated in Somalia. She should move there and get a taste of what female oppression is really all about. Forced clitorectomy and all the stoning.

I would insist Nanny wear a mask if I had to (be forced at gun point) to hump those dry, brittle bones and that botoxed, saggy, withering body.

Oh, what an awful, puke inducing image that brings to mind. I have to shower and scrub clean using a wire brush.
who knew the line between normal and fascist was so narrow?

I know TrackerKneel, you are so right. Who knew?!?!?! Who knew the line was so narrow?!?!?

Jeepers, nothing ever kept LefTards like you from a narrow line during the Bush Admin, did it?!?!?!?!?!

You like eating your Obama Shit Sandwiches, don't you? Obama Shits in your mouth and you think you're on the receiving end of filet mignon. You're an idiot Kneel. Wake up, dude. Wake the fuck up.
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