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Friday, September 11, 2009

More ACORN Fraud! Surprise! (Not!)

Voter group ACORN - the group that coerced mentally challenged people into voting for The Man Who Won't Release his Birth Certificate and who registered Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as actual voters - is up to their eyeballs in charges of fraud, corruption and pimping out 13-year old girls. Well...if I am not mistaken (and really...when am I?) those are the tenets of Good Olde Fashioned Democrat Family Values!

ACORN: Money Laundering, Fraud and 13-year old prostitutes. Townhall.

ACORN: Hundreds of fake voter registration cards. Miami Herald.

ACORN: Owes millions in back taxes. Townhall.

ACORN: Busted for voter fraud. Palm Beach Post.

Be careful all you widdle Pillow-Biting Pbama Cultists and members of the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP). Don't click on any of the above links, let alone read the reports. You can't afford to have irrefutable facts get in the way with what you choose to believe.

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ACORN crackheads using stolen tax $$$$ pimping for the Kenyan Usurper. Leftard scum.
No, no, no...it's all they know, Molson. It's those Good Old Liberal Family Values. Like pimping out 13-year old girls, voter fraud and paying voters in denominations of Crack to vote for The Kenyan. I'd feel sorry for them if they weren't so dangerous. They know exactly what they are doing...the Undoing of America.

Silver Platters being handed out on almost a daily basis to the Repubs. Do you have any faith in the Repubs to take the Silver Platters and do something with them? I have no faith in them, man...I wish I did.
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